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Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces



A coworking space has become the new centre of work. Since remote working is in fashion right now, these coworking spaces are the place to be. The modern coworking space, beyond just being the office, is also now a social centre, where people from all different backgrounds, careers and skills come together, work and socialise. So, despite it being strictly work, why do people thrive in coworking spaces? What is it about a communal office space or a shared coworking space that makes people like the place and actively seek to go there? Let’s look at the reasons behind this. 

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In a conventional office, people thrive as well. People make long-lasting relationships both professional and social, which makes people wonder why would a coworking space be any different. ItIt’still an office, after all, since the primary objective there is to work. However, it’s the other factors within a shared coworking space that make it such a place, a destination where people indeed thrive. Let’s look at these reasons now. 

Coworking spaces feature a relaxed environment

The first and most obvious reason why people thrive in a coworking space. That is because, in such a setting, the environment is rather relaxed and laid-back. There is no strict dress code that people are supposed to follow, while all the other professional norms that office employees have to observe are absent. This means that people grow together in a communal office space where there are no restrictions, and no holds. This gives a certain sense of freedom to the people in a shared coworking space which then leads to a relaxed environment. Once you have an environment that isn’t always working and instead focuses on the human element as well, people begin thriving in such an environment.  

Coworking spaces do not have the negative elements of an office

By the negative elements, we mean the sort of features a regular office unfortunately has, regardless of how better a workplace is. A good example of this would be office politics, red tape and other office issues that are present everywhere. Office politics, unfortunately, is something that exists to this day, and a shared coworking space is a place that is free of such problems. Coworking spaces have a lot of individuals, usually unrelated, working on different things, which does not contribute to the setting of office politics. Since there is no structure or hierarchy, there is no red-tapism, and instead of focusing on the non-productive things, in a coworking space, you focus on the work and yourself, and you thrive. 

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Coworking spaces cater to individual needs

A coworking space is not a collective space like an office, where every person has to stick to something specific. Instead, coworking spaces focus on individual needs; geared towards how an individual likes their work environment to be. This means that when every individual feels like the setting is to their liking, they will work together and thrive together, which helps explain why coworking spaces let people thrive while working within such places. 

Builds a sense of community 

Despite working towards individuality, coworking spaces also build a sense of community. This is because, when a lot of people, usually unrelated, sit together, all working on different things, a sense of belonging and community comes up, and the shared coworking space makes it so that each person in there feels like a part of a community. Since communal office spaces have all sorts of people working there, like developers, freelancers, even non-tech people like journalists etc, you get a sense of camaraderie that makes everyone feel a part of a specific community, and that is what helps people thrive in a coworking space. 

Building a sense of community

Makes a very creative workspace

Explaining a point as mentioned beforehand, another way that people thrive and actually prefer a coworking space is because of the incredibly creative workspace you get in a shared coworking space. Obviously, all sorts of people come to work in a coworking space; people in the tech sector like developers and coders, freelancers like writers and graphic designers and even from other industries like journalists, You get a very creative workspace; the energy, input from all these different people with different interests makes it a sort of melting pot of ideas and thoughts that makes coworking spaces a very creative place to be. Which is exactly why people thrive in such places. 

Gives people a chance to network extensively

Another great advantage of coworking spaces and a reason that people thrive in such places is the fact that networking opportunities, meeting new people and getting to know them is enormous. Shared coworking spaces have all sorts of people, and the environment is relaxed, with people working, socialising and having a good time. This makes it easy to network and socialise; people who frequently go to such communal office spaces have extensive social circles, something that is never possible in a conventional office. With extensive networking options, people thrive, becoming part of an intermixed community that works together and has fun together. 

Work Extensively

Helps with mental health

The tech sector has rapidly shifted towards remote working, and one of the consequences of that is a decline in the mental health of these employees. Since in remote work, there is no or little interaction, mental health can be seriously affected. Coworking spaces solve this by putting remote workers together in an unofficial setting to help them socialise and work on their mental health. This makes a coworking space a place where people thrive, where their social interactions make them more productive and more mentally fit and healthy.

Work productivity is boosted

Another way that people thrive from shared coworking spaces is when their work productivity is boosted, allowing them to properly enjoy their work and enjoy the results. Communal office spaces, with their relaxed environment and a great work ethic, make work fun and a task to be involved in. This boosts the productivity of the employees, and this further allows people to thrive in these coworking spaces. When their productivity is boosted, they take more interest in their work and work subsequently pays off even better, making this a positive cycle in which the shared coworking space has had a good role. 

Is more cost-effective than commuting

For some people, commuting takes up a lot of their time and resources. While the time factor is fine, for some, it’s the cost that makes the entire thing unfeasible. In this regard, coworking space allows people to thrive because they don’t have to spend either time or resources travelling and commuting back and forth, which obviously, gives them peace of mind, allowing them to focus instead on the things that really matter. The fact that coworking spaces are more cost-effective than commuting allows people to thrive better in such communal office spaces. 

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In a nutshell, 

Instead of a normal, conventional office, which presents a lot of problems, it’s these coworking spaces that allow people to thrive. The conventional office has been around for a long time, and it’s time the conventional office was replaced by a shared coworking space that not only presents all the aforementioned benefits but also allows people to thrive within their walls. It is impressive the benefits that coworking spaces provide the employee, and these benefits cumulatively contribute to the fact that these people thrive working within a shared coworking space.

ZEMLAR: the coworking space that people thrive in

ZEMLAR provides office spaces for rent; coworking spaces, and private and virtual offices for individuals and teams operating on a remote basis. Competitively priced and geared towards the comfort and convenience of the people, ZEMLAR ensures that the services others provide for a special fee come as standard; it is these coworking spaces where people thrive and deliver their exceptional and best services. Furthermore, ZEMLAR also provides the following services that further make it a true experience,

Customisation options

With ZEMLAR, you can customise your office and any other options as you see fit. Whether its custom shelves or even something as trivial as office shelves, ZEMLAR will do it to give you the best possible experience. 

24/7 access

While other coworking spaces have set timings that can leave you in the dark, ZEMLAR stays open 24/7, giving you round-the-clock access to your customised office, thereby boosting your productivity and keeping you on track for your next big idea. 

Quick response time

ZEMLAR gets back to you instantly and promptly. Others may leave you hanging, but we understand that customer satisfaction is key, which is why ZEMLAR has a quick response time to better cater to your coworking space needs. 

No hidden charges

What you get is what you pay for. ZEMLAR will never bother you with hidden charges and other fees that our competitors charge as standard. Ensuring your experience with us stays sharp. 

Furnished suites

When you move into a ZEMLAR office, you will find it appointed with the best furniture and furnishings so you don’t need to move your stuff in, and start on your work with the peace of mind you deserve. 

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