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Why Do Furnished Offices Attract Top Talent?

office spaces that attracts top talent

Office space and environment forms a big part in influencing the creativity and productivity of the workforce. Whether it’s a run-of-the-mill corporate office that deals in bland things like insurance, or whether it’s a design house with some amazing ideas and creativity flowing through, the idea that environment influences ideas is a prevalent one, and with the right décor and environment, the productivity and employee engagement can go through the roof.


Likewise, well-furnished offices will always see much better workforce integration as compared to an office that looks like it was furnished courtesy of the Salvation Army. In this blog post, we’ll look at the many benefits of furnished offices, starting with how and why furnished offices attract the top talent. 

office spaces that attracts top talent

For reference, take the offices of big tech corporations like Meta, Google or Amazon, and compare them with the drab offices of some other establishments. The striking difference between a healthy office environment and a monotonous, bureaucratic one will help explain why tech companies tend to hire the best of the best, and why government offices seem stuck with a less-than-ideal workforce. 

What Is Meant By A Well-furnished Office?

Before understanding why and how well-furnished offices retain top talent, it’s important to differentiate between furnished and well-furnished. You see, offices with a bare minimum of requisites like furniture, chairs, and other articles are furnished. They provide the bare minimum of usability in terms of furnishings, and chances are, should you want some time for yourself, you will have to step out of the office because the space won’t be available for a person to kick back and relax. In addition to that, the décor, the furniture and the general furnishings are all of low-quality and do not adhere to the standards that an office should have. 


On the other hand, we have a well-furnished office. These are usually described as exceptionally furnished offices with a special emphasis and focus on both the corporate and personal requirements of the workforce. Offices like those of modern tech giants including the ones mentioned beforehand are a perfect example of well-furnished offices; these offices take into consideration both the requirements of the workforce and any personal/ extracurricular requirements that said workforce may have and provide ample furnishings for both of them. 

Now, lets look at the benefits of furnished offices, starting with attracting top talent.

The Benefits Of Furnished Offices

Benefits of private offices

A furnished office provides a much better working environment; that one is obvious, but there are many other benefits of furnished offices that go beyond just that. Let’s look at the benefits of furnished offices, starting with the top talent one. 

1. Attracts, retains top talent

One of the primary benefits of well-furnished offices is that they are able to attract and then retain the top talent, in part due to their commitment to the betterment of the workforce, as exemplified by their attention to the furnishings and the overall décor, environment of the office.


 A décor and the furnishing tell a potential employee all that they need to know about the workplace: from its culture to its environment to its dedication towards its employees, everything can be gleamed off of the furnishing. Mismatched furniture, drab décor and a paint job that seems decades old will negatively affect the employee’s environment and will contribute to a significant reduction in the dedication and the productivity of the talent.


Retaining top talent is also dependent in part on the furnishing and the décor; employees who feel comfortable in the office are more likely not to switch workspaces than employees who struggle with the environment around them. 


2. Provides a great outlook

Your business performs well internally but has a poor outlook: that’s one thing that usually does not happen. Keeping your outlook better and well-tuned helps attract even more clientele and business, and while keeping employee productivity high, also helps advertise the business in a much more beneficial way. 


With a good and well-furnished office that emphasizes on employee productivity and providing a good outlook, the business can perform better, and will be able to rake in much more revenue and clientele, thanks in part to the attention to detail and furnishings that an office can provide. Services like ZEMLAR Offices specialise in providing office space solutions that provide a great outlook for businesses to not just attract top talent but also top clientele.

3. Helps maintain productivity, creativity

As explained beforehand, environment and décor play a big part in maintaining and supplementing the productivity and creativity levels for the workforce. That is evident from the use of colours and bright visuals in big tech offices which require workforces to be incredibly creative in coming up with new solutions to problems.


Try it out for yourself; start by walking into a drab, dull, grey room and try to think of something good, flashy or colourful. The ambiance of the room coupled with the bleak image and colour will affect productivity and creativity down to abysmal levels. On the other hand, search up the offices in Italy for famous design houses like Pininfarina and Bertone, and you will understand the impact that such soft aspects have in stoking both creativity and productivity. 


Therefore, understanding why furnished offices tend to do better when it comes to problem solving is important because both productivity and creativity play a very important role. 


4. Paints an employee-centric picture of the business

Finally, one of the great benefits of having a well-furnished office is the fact that in retaining your best employees, a business requires more than just good financial remuneration or benefits. If an employee feels like they aren’t valued and aren’t the center of attention for the business, they will lose their interest and will start looking to move elsewhere. 


On the other hand, if the workforce is appreciated and is taken care of on each and every front, the employee is more likely to stick with the business through thick and thin. Décor and furnishing plays a good part in this: good décor and good furnishings give off the sense that the management does care about the employees, and values them as an important part of the business.


 This ‘making them feel valued’ feeling, once reflected with seemingly trivial things like furniture and décor, actually goes a long way in helping the workforce do better and consider the feeling of ‘being valued’ as mutual, as both the office and workers share the good feeling. 

In a nutshell

While this may not seem directly connected, décor and furnishings go a long way in making the business a better place: whether it’s for customers, clientele or for the workforce itself. 


Therefore, businesses should either look towards furnishing their own offices in an exemplary manner or go with office space solutions like ZEMLAR Offices that provide well-furnished office spaces to maximize employee engagement, productivity and creativity. Remember: these small things in conjunction can make a big difference. 

ZEMLAR Offices: Well-Furnished Office Space Solutions!

Whether its amenities you want, at no extra cost, or the best and most flexible long-term packages for your office space, ZEMLAR Offices has solutions that match all of your requirements. We boast an extensive attention to detail; each of our private office spaces is fully furnished and ready to be used as an executive space for you to conduct your business and plan out your next big move. 


If an executive private office is not really your style, check out other options; from virtual offices to meeting rooms to the best-equipped coworking spaces, ZEMLAR has it all. Check us out at ZEMLAR Offices and learn more why we are the fastest-growing executive private office solutions provider in Canada.

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