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What is the difference between a mailing address and a physical address?


The mailing address and the physical address are two very different things. The mailing address is the address you use for mail, such as bills, letters from friends, etc. The physical address is where a company, business, or person is physically located. Your mailing address might not be your physical address. For example, if you live in Florida but want to incorporate in Delaware, your mailing address can be anywhere in the United States. Still, your physical address must be listed as a Delaware street address.

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Mailing address 

A mailing address is a location you want to receive mail. You can use a post office box if you don’t have a physical address, such as an apartment or house number. Before moving, you should update your mailing address so that if you receive any mail, it will be directly forwarded to your new home.

Physical address

A physical address is where a company, business, or person is physically located. A mailing address is where you send mail. A physical address contains all the information necessary to identify an individual or organization. It includes the street number, city, state, and zip code of your location; it may consist of building or suite numbers if applicable. Mailing addresses are used when sending mail through the postal service; they typically contain only enough information to get your letter delivered to the right place (street name and number).

Update your mailing address 

You can do this online, by phone, or by mail. Suppose you are moving to another state (or country). In that case, there can be additional paperwork that assures that your mail being delivered correctly after your re-location or if you plan on living in an apartment where mail is usually left in lockboxes or door slots, i.e., while tenants are away from home during day hours of operation. 

However, you must still establish a “presence” within the state where you want to start and maintain your business entity. The easiest way to do this is by opening a bank account at one of the (i.e), Delaware’s many banks offering incorporation services or opening an office or warehouse with employees on-site doing work related to your industry (e.g., manufacturing).


You may have a mailing and physical address for your home, but it’s important to remember the difference between these two types of addresses. The difference between a mailing and a physical address is that the first is used only for sending mail, while the second is where the business owner can be physically located. For example, if you’re moving soon to any other place and want to update your information with any businesses (such as your bank). In that case, you should update your mailing address before moving so that mail sent there won’t go undelivered or may deliver to an incorrect address.

It’s also important to understand what makes up a valid physical address when giving someone directions or providing them with basic information about where they need to go. It includes things like street names, city names, and zip codes (which are numbers), which is absolutely crucial to a business’ success, much like how the GPS time clock app from Work Yard is for streamlining a business. 

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The difference between a physical address and a mailing address is significant to understand when giving an address to a friend or online retailer. The mailing address is the one that should be used when sending mail through the postal service, while the physical address is necessary for doing business in person with someone who lives near you or anywhere else in the world.

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