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What is a Private Office Space? 

If you work in the corporate sector, you must be familiar with the term ‘private office.’ It is used to refer to the office area that is out of earshot and entirely separated from other firms or companies working in a coworking space.

For those who are not aware of the structure of a coworking space, let’s start from the beginning. A coworking space is usually divided into three parts. There are personal desks, coworking offices, and private offices. A personal desk is when you rent a single desk or two in a coworking space. The second one is the coworking office which is used to refer to an arrangement where people from different companies work together. The third one is a private office. It’s the most expensive part of a coworking space. 

It is entirely separate from the rest of the area and is given solely to one person or one company. If your business is sensitive or you simply like working privately, a private office is what you need to have. Though it would still be a part of the coworking space, you’ll have your own space where nobody else would be allowed. 

A Few Benefits of a Private Office Space

Now that you know what a private office is, it’s time to have a look at some of its benefits. Of course, having a private office is beneficial, but what are the greatest advantages? Let’s take a look:

Less Overhead Costs

They say coworking offices are cheap compared to private offices. Well, it’s mostly just a myth, as coworking spaces have a lot of hidden charges that nobody talks about. The charges of meeting rooms, television, projectors, fax machines, printers, and cubicles can truly add up. Apart from purchasing office essentials, you’re required to constantly support office equipment and recruit individuals. All these things significantly increase the cost at the end of the day. 

With a private office, you not only get a better-looking space, but the fact that you have your private area makes you stand out and shine. Also, due to paying more than others, private offices are allowed to use a lot of business gear for free, which helps save money in the long run.

Rent as per Requirement

When it comes to renting a private office, there are little to no terms and conditions involved. For other spaces, including a coworking office or a personal desk, the administration usually charges a lot of security, and there’s a minimum rental time that’s decided between the two parties. 

It isn’t the same for private offices. With a private office, you can rent as per requirement. If you want an office space for a month, you pay off your rent for the specific month and leave the next. In case you need it for a year or two, you’re allowed to do that as well. In other words, private offices usually have minimal restrictions. 

Provides Perks of a Legitimate Business 

Many people judge your business by the office space you have. If you work in a coworking environment, they may not take you seriously and think of your business as temporary or illegitimate in severe cases. With a private office, you get to keep all the perks of a legitimate business.

A private office allows you to have a separate phone line, which is a call to the world that you’re working independently. Similarly, it also provides you with a separate mailing address, which is another prerequisite of a business. If you don’t have an independent mailing address or a separate phone line, people or other businesses may question your legitimacy. 

Promotes Teamwork

Interpersonal communication is very important for all businesses. No matter what industry you belong to, interpersonal communication remains the key to success. As much as some people enjoy working remotely, it’s unhealthy, and experts discourage it. 

Working from home becomes boring after a while as it doesn’t allow you to communicate with your work peers and, subsequently, affects your workplace performance. A private office setting allows your employees to sit and work together. Not to mention, it makes office management significantly easier as you get to keep an eye on everyone’s performance with ease. 

The Takeaway 

Private offices work well for mid-sized and bigger firms. While they may work for small businesses as well, they’re expensive in terms of rent. Therefore, many small businesses may not be able to afford them. 

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to grow your business and expand your company, getting a private office should be on top of your bucket list.

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