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Virtual Office Etiquette: Best Practices For Remote Collaboration

Virtual Office Etiquette

As of 2024, remote work and hybrid setups are steadily replacing the conventional mode of work, allowing people to contribute to their work from the comfort of their home. ‘Comfort of their homes’ is a term that includes many things; the one thing that stands out for some of us is pajamas. People are now attending virtual meetings and online collaborative workspaces in their jammies, and while some older demographics are still clinging on to the idea of formal wear by sitting in their seats at home clad in business suits, the majority does not bother with it.

Which isn’t exactly the best in virtual office etiquette for employees. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the virtual meeting etiquettes do’s and don’ts that you should pay attention to in order to become a better virtual professional. 

Virtual Office Etiquette

While nobody likes to be told what to do, especially when they are in their home, and they are wearing a good white shirt over their pajamas for the virtual meeting, understand that it is not about the dressing or the etiquette per se but rather the idea that you are working and aren’t attending a Google Meet session with your friends. Let’s look at the virtual office etiquette for employees that can help you feel more productive and not lose a sense of that professionalism that defines our office lives. 

Virtual Office Etiquette: The Best Practices For Remote Collaboration


Working from home doesn’t have to be equal to pajamas and lazy conversations with your colleagues. Instead, we can still have an air of professionalism and conduct ourselves in a way that befits a professional. Here are our tips for virtual office etiquette: the best practices you can have during a remote collaboration. 

Work In A Professional-esque Environment


The first tip that we have is actually a big one, one that can help you feel more productive and get the most out of your work from home sessions. Before we begin, start by understanding this: your environment plays a big part in your productivity, your creativity and how quickly and efficiently you can get your work done. Therefore, maintaining a professional environment in your home or your home-based workplace is important. Start by creating a special zone in your home for work, and fill it with an ergonomic chair, a desk lamp and other things like a laptop stand and things you would have at your office desk. This will help emulate a professional environment where you can focus and efficiently work, and get more out of your work from home sessions. You can even have some tea or coffee at regular intervals just to make it feel like an office, thereby getting you a feeling of professionalism throughout your work session. 

Stick To A Schedule


Working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t have the best practices for remote collaboration. In fact, the one thing that can be regulated even during remote collaborations is scheduling meetings and making sure everybody sticks to that schedule. Therefore, in order to keep your virtual office etiquette, set a schedule that closely emulates your office routine and allows you to stick to a healthy routine that wakes you up early in the morning and allows you to go to bed early as well. By sticking to a schedule, especially when you’re working remotely, helps you make good use of this opportunity and maintain your work-life balance without allowing either one to affect the other too much. 

Communicate Your Time To Friends, Family


When working from home, there is always the occasional family member or friend who struggles with the concept of ‘working from home’ and wants to spend time or wants you out on a chore. The problem with working from home and remote collaboration is the fact that while you are at work, it isn’t the best etiquette to have to turn away a friend who’s outside your home or tell off your family. Therefore, the best tip that we have in this regard is this: communicate the time that you are on virtual and remote collaboration or remote work to your friends and family and explain to them beforehand that your availability wont be guaranteed when working. This will not only help you stay focused on your work during office times and not get distracted by other matters, but will also allow your friends and family to know when you are free and when you wont be available, thereby allowing them to accommodate you by your schedule and not otherwise. 

Dress For Success


We started the blog with this one! Remote collaboration or online meetings should not mean that at the top its business, while at the bottom you’re still in your pajamas. That, for us, erodes the difference between work and home and can cause you to mix your professional and personal life down the road, which is a big no-no. Which is why, rather than letting things get to such a point, it is imperative that regardless of the virtual or remote collaboration that is going on, you dress for the occasion, and dress for success. This means that even if you aren’t going to dress in a proper suit, which we aren’t recommending for that matter, you show up to meeting in business-causal at least, to portray both the seriousness of the business meeting in question and to make sure that you aren’t blurring the lines between work and home. 

Collaboration is key!


One of the great things about virtual offices and remote collaboration is the fact that the whole team gets to work together properly. While in conventional offices, working together doesn’t necessarily mean that all people get to actually work together. Some might be on leave, some might have business downstairs with accounts, some might be seated too far to share in on your SFW joke. With remote collaboration, that isn’t the case. Think about it: everybody is right there on the screen, seeing you and hearing you, in real-time. Which means that you can get one thing that can be rather challenging in a conventional work environment: collaboration! Collaborate whenever you can, however you can and try to balance it out between humorous and formal. Collaboration is key and virtual offices allow you to make the most out of it. 

Make The Environment Jovial And Professional


Doubling down on our point of balancing between humorous and formal, here’s one tip that is really great in virtual office etiquette: making sure that the virtual environment you have going on is both jovial and professional. Much like how nobody wants an office where a harmless joke is frowned upon, nobody wants an online meeting where you can get muted for harmless banter. Similarly, it isn’t right that an online meeting supposed to be attended by professionals devolve into a roast session. Therefore, the key to ensuring that people actually look forward to such virtual sessions is by making the environment a perfect balance of both joviality and professionalism without the audience leaning too much into either side. 

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