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Virtual Coworking Spaces: The Future of Remote Work

Post-Covid-19, the world has changed alot. Major companies, especially within the tech sector, have gone either remote or on a hybrid work structure, which means that whatever you used to do in the office, you can now do it from the comfort of your home. But not everybody is okay working at home, which gave rise to the idea of ‘coworking space’; places where you could go, sit and work. As fast as everything evolves, today, we have remote coworking, which are called virtual coworking spaces. We’ll look into virtual coworking spaces, and how the conventional coworking space and remote coworking led to te rise of virtual coworking spaces. 


With remote working now as widespread as ever, more and more people are turning towards these virtual coworking spaces as good alternatives to what remote coworking was. That is because remote coworking had its own set of problems, problems which we will discuss later on. Let us first look at virtual coworking spaces and how they got so popular. 

What are virtual Coworking spaces?

Virtual coworking spaces are essentially remote coworking spaces, gone online. Simply put, it is a service that allows companies to conduct virtual business, utilisiing a suite of softwares and services that allow for seamless remote working. Whereas coworking spaces required a person to commute to a specific location to enjoy some services that might not be available in conventional remote working, virtual coworking space provides all that in the form of softwares and services. That may include things like attendance, human resource, payroll operations, and other corporate activities. 

Virtual Coworking SPaces

This means, that whatever the job is, except for physical presence, everything else can be digitalised and be done from one place. You can get the feeling of working with a team, without having to actually commute and travel to a location and meet other people. 

How did virtual Coworking spaces get so popular?

Coworking spaces were all the rage right after the pandemic, and the coworking space business was booming and at its peak. People were flocking to the coworking space for remote jobs, freelancing jobs and any other work. It had sort of become a cool, hip thing to be seen working at a coworking space. It meant that unlike true remote work, you could socialise and work at the same time, and not follow the rules corporate offices usually make a person or employee follow. So, it was quite a good time to be involved in the coworking space business. 

Virtual Coworking Spaces 2

Then, later on, with the WeWork disaster, coworking spaces soon got out of fashion. It had alot of issues, which we will discuss, but this soon meant that virtual coworking spaces soon became a popular means of working remotely and managing an entire team without having to go through procedures that are now considered old and conventional. 

The benefits of virtual Coworking spaces

There are many improvements that virtual coworking spaces made over the idea of a conventional coworking space. These benefits are as follows,

    No commute

    The conventional coworking space is a building full of effects that make it sort of an unofficial working place. But, it is a building, which means that commute is necessary to get to that place. Since travel restrictions were in place during the pandemic, the idea of coworking space soon fell out of favor and was instead replaced with remote coworking, that made it so that travelling and even a small commute wasn’t necessary. Now, you can truly work from home. 

      Very flexible

      Coworking spaces are buildings that have occupancy laws applicable on them. As such, tey operate on specific timings; say, from 7 am in the morning to 11 pm in the evening. Other than that, you’re on your own. Remote coworking or virtual coworking spaces do not operate on timings; since they are service-based, you can log in at any time and start working and not worry about the closing time or any other such thing. It is as easy and flexible as working from home without any restrictions at all. 

        Very versatile

        Going to look at that same old dreary coworking space for the eleventh time this month? Well, with remote coworking, that is no longer a problem. The virtual coworking space is incredibly versatile; meaning that it will work however you want, instead of you following their rules. No more following guidelines like dress codes, timings or any other thing really. The coworking space of the future is versatile enough to work your way, rather than you working its way. 

          Widens your talent pool

          From the company’s point of view, virtual coworking spaces are the breeding ground for budding talent. Since there is no restriction on location or physicality, companies can then focus on getting the best talent possible for their work, and have them operate in ease of not having to travel or go through boring documentation processes.


          In the olden days, the talent pool would be very limited, mainly consistign of people from within a specific area or who can commute to work without spending alot of time travelling. With a virtual coworking space, there are no limitations, no boundaries at all. The best developer in Japan could be working with somebody in South Africa, and both could be operating without actaully shaking their hands. This is why virtual coworking spaces are the future of remote working. 

            Saves big on office supplies, utility bills etc

            Maintaining and running an entire office is neither cheap nor easy. You need alot of resources just to keep the office running, and any growth is accompanied by the worry for accommodating said growth. With virtual coworking space, office supplies and maintenance is not something to worry about, since an office per se does not exist.


            No more rent for the building, utility bills, upkeep and maintenance or even providing refreshments to the employees. That has now been replaced by a virtual coworking space which gives you all these benefits and makes it even more convenient for you to run your business efficiently and effectively. 

              A virtual office is a mobile office 

              Many people like to travel, and a full-time job is usually something that gets in the way of their wanderlust. Well, a virtual coworking space rids you of that barrier as well. For the people among us who like to trek and go to far-off lands for the taste of nature, a virtual coworking space means that work does not get impeded and you get to keep working from your dream destination or even on the airplane or the train.


              A virtual office is then a mobile office, where something important can be communicated and executed even in the middle of the night while in Ibiza, or in some remote cabin in Montana where obviously, you will have internet access. The coworking space of the future is all about catering to the needs of the employees, not the other way around.

                Part of a permanent strategy geared towards startups

                This is the era of startups. Alot of radical new ideas are born in these coworking spaces, and the idea of remote coworking is another such idea, about to give a big boost to the coworking space business. Startups need long-term solutions that save them money and work in their favour, taking some of the pressure off of them in terms of resources.


                This means that they need long-term solutions that save them money, and teh virtual coworking space is xactly that. The idea of remote coworking and its application means that startups save alot of resources by not having to run and maintain offices, all the while allowing the same level or professionalism and comfort to be available for their employees. Therefore, a virtual coworking space represents the best possible solution for this arrangement, where startups get all the benefit they can. 

                Virtual Coworking space: the true future of remote working

                As the world progresses forward, remote work is something that will become a reality. Tech companies and many startups exclusively promote remote work, and while coworking spaces did briefly give us an idea on how we could envision the future, its the virtual coworking space and remote coworking that is the future, and coworking space business is sure to follow it. What you get with virtual coworking spaces is incredible and makes us excited for the future. Here’s a quick runaround of the advantages you get with a virtual coworking space.


                    • No need for travel, or even small-distance commutes.

                    • Eliminates the need to run and maintain offices, saves startups alot of resources on having to staff and maintain workspaces. 

                    • Is incredibly convenient. Makes work easy enough to be done on the employee’s terms rather than the other way around. 

                    • Mobile office means that wherever you are in the world, you are connected and ready to go. 

                  ZEMLAR- revolutionizing the Coworking space

                  With ZEMLAR, you get the best Coworking spaces and remote Coworking spaces aka virtual offices at the most competitive rates. Designed around the convenience of remote working, ZEMLAR ensures that each and every space is geared towards fulfilling your business needs and providing you with the best possible experience of remote Coworking. Whether its for individuals, corporations or startups looking to get in on the Coworking space option and reap all the benefits, ZEMLAR provides solutions for all, customized for your business to succeed, no matter what it takes. 

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