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The Top Coworking Spaces in Toronto: Ranked

Coworking Spaces in Toronto

With a coworking space becoming more than just someplace to work, there are more options today for coworking office spaces than ever before. Which means that choosing the right one for yourself can become a little difficult, especially when each and every coworking space has its own set of extras and amenities that they offer. However, there can only be one coworking space on the top spot, and today, we have just that: the top coworking spaces in Toronto, Canada, ranked; so, you can get the best service when it comes to renting coworking office space. 


But what exactly are the merits on which these coworking spaces are ranked? Well, for starters, the best coworking space on this list find an excellent workspace environment, be loaded with amenities and features, all the while keeping the charges to a minimum and not breaking the bank. There are a lot more factors to rank a coworking space; however, the top 10 on this list all have varying degrees of these and the top one is simply the best coworking space that you can get for yourself. 

Coworking Spaces

The top coworking spaces in Toronto, ranked

Here is a ranking of the Best coworking spaces that you can work, socialize and relax in and make great use of the resources they have to give your career a boost while ensuring that your mental health is not affected, and neither is your bank account. 

Let’s start.

ZEMLAR coworking space

The finest, and the absolute best of what a coworking space is and can provide for you. ZEMLAR has an extensive presence in the greater Toronto area (GTA) and has many options for you to consider. Their coworking spaces and office spaces are incredibly well-appointed, filled to the brim with features and amenities that other coworking spaces just don’t have.

ZEMLAR also boasts extensive customization options, so that your coworking office space looks like a dream and feels like home. What’s more, ZEMLAR does not have any hidden charges at all: what you get is what you pay for, and that is what makes this the best coworking space that you can get. ZEMLAR is number one in coworking spaces because their coworking office space finds the perfect balance between work and socializing environment. 


WeWork is an international franchise of coworking spaces that follows a specific design style and policies throughout their coworking spaces. They also have an extensive presence in Canada, and their coworking office space and rented office space are also very impressive and geared toward professionals looking to step away from the hustle and bustle of a regular office to experience something more unconventional. 


They have good packages that fit in nicely with a lot of freelancers and remote workers, and they also have a bevy of features and amenities that make working at WeWork a good experience. However, their prices can be a little too high for starters in the market, which is why WeWork comes in at the number two spot. 


Workhaus Coworking and Office Space

Workhaus is another up-and-coming coworking space that seems to have taken the community by storm. Workhaus is unique in the sense that it has some amenities and features that other coworking spaces don’t have. For example, the community managers and the IT team at Workhaus is really fabulous, and several locations have excellent reviews on the services that they give to the freelancers and workers on the site. 


Furthermore, they don’t just have coworking spaces, they also have collaborative spaces and meeting rooms that are well-furnished and come with a bevy of technical features that make it a destination to work at. Workhaus is a great coworking space, which is why it comes in at number 3. 


Project Spaces

Project Spaces is a hip and trendy coworking space, in an industry where hip and trendy are bywords to keep in mind. Project Spaces prides itself on being affordable, and it has been ranked consistently as one of the more better-priced options on the list. They have keyless access and while some coworking spaces might close for the evening, Project Spaces is available 24/7 and it has its own on-site security, which makes long hours here safe and secure.


Furthermore, what really sells this particular coworking office space is the all-you-can-drink tea and coffee; people usually flock to the Project Spaces because they have good coffee and tea on tap, and there’s really no limit on how much you can get. 

Project Spaces


A coworking space that is designed around a younger demographic and caters exclusively to the tech sector, Coworkly is a coworking office space that is being dubbed as the next WeWork. That is because it has incredibly beautiful and aesthetic-looking interiors, offices that are both practical and well-designed as well coworking spaces that are efficient in not only work, but also towards the socialization aspect of remote coworking. A quiet, focused workplace allows for more productivity and creativity, and gets your work done in no time at all. Coworkly also has a good presence in Canada, especially in Ottawa. 

Coworkly Coworking Space 1

Acme Works

From small business owners to freelancers, you will meet and interact with all kinds of professionals and people at an Acme Works coworking space. That is because, aside from their good strategy of popping up locations wherever a sizeable community is present, they also boast of a very fun and informal environment, where you can juggle both work and socializing. Aside from that, Acme Work knows that the better the fuel, the better the work.


Which is why, they have a fully equipped kitchen, complete with toasters, ovens and a freezer. Not to mention the mandatory teas and coffees that you can gulp down without worrying about anything else in the world. Acme Works understand how people like amenities, and their coworking space is all about that. 


URBN Cowork

With their uniquely-designed coworking spaces and well-furnished office spaces, URBN Cowork is an affordable solution to the coworking space business, which has great packages for both professionals and small businesses looking to give their physical space a touch of youth and style. Where URBN Cowork stands out is their designs and their attention to detail; each coworking space and office is uniquely designed around the common needs of each to ensure that the working experience at URBN is unrivalled and unmatched by other, expensive and upscale coworking spaces. With URBN, cost is not an issue since it is geared towards new professionals and small businesses, both of which are always looking for the best deal. 


Lab T.O.

The final entry on our list, Lab T.O. is a coworking space in Toronto that prides itself in being one of the more economic options when it comes to renting office space and coworking space. They brand themselves as a ‘creative studio that fuses art, design, technology, experimentation and fun’, which is a testament to the sort of clientele that they have: young, working in tech, or in digital journalism and with a knack for the modern arts and crafts that brings about colourful websites, applications and games. If you are in Toronto and need a coworking space, all of these options can be considered since they are the best of the best in the entire area. 

Lab T.O Coworking

The bottom line,

The difference between the number one on the list, which is ZEMLAR coworking space than the other on the list is not that much noticeable; however, it is the quality of services, the amenities they provide and the options or features they have, alongwith their pricing that really sets ZEMLAR apart from the rest. When in the market for a coworking space, always look at what you need, what your requirements are: these can help narrow down the choices to the ones that have what you want and would like for yourself during a busy work session. If unlimited coffees and teas are something that motivates you, go for the coworking spaces which have these. If you’re looking for a creative workspace that has lots of socialization options, go with one of the younger, hip ones on the list. 

The best coworking space solutions with ZEMLAR

There is a reason why ZEMLAR ranks number one on the list of coworking spaces and renting office spaces; it strikes the perfect balance between a coworking space that allows for focused working without too much of socializing. It provides an excellent mix of both amenities and resources like IT teams and on-site managers to help work issues out. Furthermore, with ZEMLAR, you have the option of customizing your required package. If the coworking space or private office isn’t to your liking, ZEMLAR will make it so that you feel right at home when working in their office spaces. Providing 24/7, round-the-clock access and security, with their coworking spaces, your creativity and effort will know no bounds at all. Simply register, pick up your choice from the many listed on their website and get going: ZEMLAR even has a ‘no hidden fee’ policy that ensures that what you get is what you pay for, nothing more and nothing less. 

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