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The Importance of Office Space Planning for Productivity and Efficiency

Who doesn’t like going to an office whose space is well-managed and properly put together? It is genuinely like your office attracts you! That’s true. Well-managed office space is meant to increase productivity and employee retention, which means that planning office space is critical to making the most out of office space without compromising employees’ needs. But how do you properly plan your office space, and how does it affect the productivity of workers?


This blog below will uncover some facts about office space planning and how it affects employee productivity and efficiency. 

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Why is Office Space Planning Important?

Companies that want to scale up their office game must focus on planning office space. With the rise in hybrid working models, people now go the extra mile and put extra effort into finding an office space that is well-managed and adequately put. An exceptionally planned office space is not only a win-win for employees but for clients as well. Hence, office space planning holds significance in increasing productivity and efficiency among workers and deals as well. 

Office Space Planning Guidelines:

Some of the office space planning guidelines are;

Comprehend the office space:

Before you step into office space planning, you must analyze your space and think of ways to use it. Think about what’s easy for you while critically examining the space. Even if you can’t make the space more prominent, you might provide additional privacy by offering open workstations like cubicles or wall partitions for private offices and conference rooms.

Office concept:

Your office’s layout says everything about your company and brand. You can choose between a sleek and contemporary look for the workplace space or something more fashionable, all based on your preferences. The furnishings and color schemes should be consistent with the brand when planning your office space.

Get suggestions from employees:

The requirements of your workplace could vary according to your employees’ needs. To plan the best office space, putting in a poll to find out what your employees want in their workspace is a good idea. Those interested workers can even be part of the management and bring suggestions from the other employees. Workers will be more invested in their work environment if they have put an effort into designing it.


Sticking to a budget while planning an office space is critical. Nevertheless, considering how hybrid work models have become popular, which cause office building occupancy rates to fluctuate, it may be more cost-effective to invest in new layouts later. 

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How to Plan Your Office Space?

Some of the office space planning standards are mentioned below:

Take care of the lighting:

Proper illumination is vital for the health and efficiency of employees in a workspace. Always plan an office space with many windows and access to natural light. Furthermore, ensure that the artificial lighting should be thoughtfully implemented to eliminate intense lighting conditions.

Make the layout appealing:

The office’s layout dramatically affects how people communicate with one another, work together, and get the tasks done. Employees are more likely to focus on open spaces rather than cluttered ones since open spaces are excellent for productivity. Furthermore, plan your office space to offer the employees specific places to relax and concentrate so they can finish their work without distractions. 

The overall ambiance should be comfortable:

Your working productivity is proportional to environmental factors such as ambiance, temperature, and air quality at the workplace. Workers are likelier to be comfortable and productive in an environment with optimal temperatures, adequate ventilation, and natural lighting. If not given importance during office space planning, these factors can negatively impact your company’s productivity.

How Office Space Planning Affects Productivity?

Here are some of the ways office space planning affects productivity and efficiency.

Better teamwork:

Teamwork is essential to maximize your company’s productivity. Teamwork, however, can be challenging to accomplish in remote settings. In addition, team members are more likely to collaborate when they are working together in an office space. One benefit of teamwork is the increased opportunity for interaction and better task efficiency. 


So, when an office space is properly planned, each department gets its own spaces and amenities, fostering overall efficiency within the teamwork. 

Time saver:

In remote settings, unreliable connections and other technical aspects can reduce the efficiency of online meetings. Because of this, getting crucial information to complete tasks may waste days or even weeks. But when an office space is properly put together, and everyone is in the same office, it’s rare for such things to happen. You can easily collaborate with the team sitting in the next hall and finish things in minutes. 


Moreover, an office space that is properly put together avoids any hassle of a cluttered environment, lets you focus quickly, and saves time in the long run. 

Relaxed mindset:

We can all agree that most brilliant ideas come from unexpected places and during unplanned gatherings. Unplanned brainstorming sessions prove to be the most fruitful. When coworkers chat over coffee breaks, these ideas pop into their heads and increase the company’s creativity levels. 


Either way, a properly planned office space offers employees mental satisfaction so they can relax and develop some of the best ideas. 

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Join Hands With a Partner that Offers the Best Office Spaces- Zemlar Offices:

While collaboration is undoubtedly achievable even while working from home, it shines when all employees work at the same location. Establishing trust amongst coworkers is much easier when working face-to-face. However, it should be noted that different people and jobs have specific preferences regarding how the workspace affects performance. Hence, all company owners should tailor their workplace’s layout and amenities to their employees’ needs. 


At Zemlar Offices, we acknowledge that how a workplace is put together affects its employees’ productivity. Our professional designers have crafted outstanding, aesthetically pleasing, highly functional workplaces following every company’s demands. So, if you are looking for the best office spaces, Zemlar is your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How does an office space affect employees’ productivity?

Employees will be less happy and productive in a cluttered and mismanaged work area. Having the option to get up and move around the office rather than sitting at a desk for long periods without breaks is good. This allows you to relax amidst working hours, and access to a managed office space is essential. 

2.How important is an office space’s layout?

It is possible to work more efficiently in an office space that has been correctly put out. When an office space is adequately planned and the layout is excellent, people and employees feel invested and enjoy collaborating with other departments. As a result, the overall productivity is increased. 

3.Why is office space planning important?

Planning office space to achieve the highest possible level of productivity is essential for companies experiencing increased growth—employees’ productivity, performance, and creativity decline without an efficient arrangement.

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