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The best coworking spaces in Vaughan: ranked

Coworking office Space Vaughan

Vaughan might as well be the city of freelance artists and professionals; considering the sheer amount of some of the best coworking spaces that you can get here. Aside from its great architecture, nice weather and an ambience designed around the city’s multicultural residents, it also has some of the best shared office spaces that will convince you to get out of the house and work in the company of some interesting people and socialize. Here is a list of some of the best coworking spaces in Vaughan, ranked, so you know where to go for the best experience. 


The list tracks all the merits and demerits of a coworking space in Vaughan, and takes into account the pricing, the location, the ambience and experience you get there, and most importantly, what do they offer when it comes to coworking spaces. Since nearly every person in search of a coworking space is looking for a perfect balance of sociability and workability, we’ll keep that factor the utmost in this rating. 

Let’s start with the best coworking spaces in Vaughan. 

The best coworking spaces in Vaughan

The list enumerates the best coworking spaces in Vaughan that will provide you with the best coworking experience and an environment that will have you meet new people and focus on what needs to be done. 

ZEMLAR Offices

At the top of the list, we have ZEMLAR’s coworking spaces and shared offices. When you’re in Vaughan for a coworking space, you simply can’t top ZEMLAR. With some of the best coworking space and private office packages designed around the professional who is looking to take on the world, ZEMLAR holds the top spot. The service at ZEMLAR’s spaces is described as concierge-level, and you’re never short of help or any other thing you need while at any one of their locations. From coworking desks designed to give you the best of sociability and focus to private offices that will you provide with all the luxuries minus the exorbitant cost, ZEMLAR’s offices take the cake and the top spot for the best coworking space in Vaughan. If you are in the city and want a space where you work and you enjoy, drop in and check the scene out at ZEMLAR’s coworking space. 


THE HUB, Vaughan

One of the top-rated local spots in Vaughan, THE HUB is one of the coolest places to work and socialize at. It bills itself as one of the best places to run your mobile profession or business with their membership packages. Aimed at the professional looking for a jazzed-up environment complete with a host of services that only a select few coworking spaces offer, THE HUB has excellent reviews on major aggregate websites and has racked up quite a following. While it may be a bit too expensive for some, with membership going around 250 bucks a month, it is still a very cost-effective place and really, gets you the most bang for your buck. 

The Hub, Vaughan

Regus Coworking Space

Regus is described as an office away from your office, minus the corporate culture. It is located right in the commercial center of Vaughan and boasts a quick walk to all the public transport centers in the city, making it one of the most accessible coworking spaces in the list. It also has a very good lounge or relaxing space, complete with its relaxed ambience that makes it a destination to be in and work in. Amenities are also available on the premises, and it has a comprehensive list of drinks and whatnot to help you start the day. Not in the mood? Head to a local Tim Horton’s which is right next to Regus and get in the right state of mind to absolutely dominate the day and get your job done.  

Regus Coworking

The Intelligent Office

There is certainly no shortage of cutting-edge design and technology at The Intelligent Office, and you could be fooled into thinking that you might have entered the headquarters of some big tech company. However, The Intelligent Office is only a shared office space provider that has some very interesting perks that will make you consider going there and checking them out. Starting with the office itself, designed on the ground floor of a modern building for easier access and not to mention the free parking as well. When you walk in, you’re greeted with a supremely appointed office and space that looks excellent, pristine and a dream place to work in. Rather expensive, at 450 bucks a month, The Intelligent Office is geared towards shared office space that is best for corporations. 

The Intelligent Office

LaunchHub Space

If its all the ambience, feel and the décor of the place that you are looking for, well, with LauchHub Space, you will find the perfect answer to your requirements. The best and most modern décor, furniture and ambience comes together to give you an absolutely out-of-this-world experience, that will leave you wanting more. LaunchHub has everything: from meeting rooms to shared office spaces to personal desks; whatever you want, however you want, you will have it at LaunchHub Space. Combine it with excellent amenities that will be available to you during your work stay, and a lightning-fast Wi-Fi system that will have you pull out some multiplayer games, and you get one of the best coworking spaces in Vaughan. LaunchHub Space is where it’s happening, and you should definitely check them out. 

LaunchHub Space

Workhaus, Vaughan

Workhaus is a space for entrepreneurs, designed and established by entrepreneurs. Geared towards affording you maximum focus on your work while keeping the environment lighthearted, playful and social, Workhaus combines the best of both worlds to provide you with a coworking space that will leave you refreshed even after a long working day. With a focus on providing an environment that brings out the best from all sorts of people working there, Workhaus boasts an incredibly creative workspace that will have you enjoying work instead of dreading it. Moreover, Workhaus also has an excellent location, affordable rates that don’t eat up your wallet and 24/7 access to your private office for the best in convenience. Workhaus offers the same excellence in its other locations across Canada as well. 

Workhaus Vaughan

Lab T.O.

Lab T.O. is a small, tight-knit community of freelance artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and remote workers based in a homely building that feels like back home but provides you with all the great advantages of the coworking space. It also boasts some options that the big coworking spaces won’t have; things like 24/7 access and the absolute best one: unlimited coffees and teas! This option alone fills up the tables and the spaces in Lab T.O., and if that’s not enough, they have taken this a step further to introduce even more convenience to the clientele with their smartphone application, with which you can access your virtual office from anywhere. Designed for small businesses and freelance workers to succeed, head over to the Lab T.O. for a good coworking experience.

Lab T.O.


The one place that keeps it real like its namesake. Industrious has been one of the top-rated coworking spaces in Vaughan for a while now, and you can pretty much see why once you enter the premises. Focusing on the provision of a premium shared office experience, they have everything that you could wish from your average shared office space: from a wide and diverse range of professionals on the spot to unlimited copying and printing on the spot, Industrious has everything you need to make it to the top, and they will actively work to make you get to the top of the world. Aside from the amenities listed above, you also get 24/7 access, complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day, mail and package service and access to regular member events that makes Industrious more than just a coworking shared office space: it is a destination for every industrious individual and business to be in. 


The bottom line

While all of these coworking spaces and shared offices have something unique and different from the others, the clear winner is the one that balances out the environment, the amenities and the pricing, coupled with a good location and a spread of locations across the province. ZEMLAR comes out on top because they have some of the best packages and offer the option to customize your package according to your needs. More than that, they have all the amenities you might look for in a coworking space, and their private office and virtual office options leave nothing more to be desired. As such, they present the perfect balance and combination of good pricing and good services for a coworking space, and if you are a freelance worker, remote worker or a small business looking to take on the world with your ideas and your efforts, your best partner is going to be ZEMLAR in this journey. With ZEMLAR offices and coworking space, expect nothing but the best of coworking spaces in Vaughan. 

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