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The Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

coworking spaces

Nowadays, the idea of a conventional office with floors and people just sitting in cubicles staring at screens all day long is officially dead. With the rise of newer concepts like coworking spaces and shared office spaces, we can put to rest the idea that an office needs to be formal and have a strict dress code, and most of all, suppress individuality and creativity. Heralding this rise of coworking spaces and modern office solutions is the modern tech company; the one with some radical new ideas on how corporate culture should evolve now. These tech startups and companies have been the bread and butter of coworking spaces and shred office spaces for the longest time now. 

coworking spaces

In this blog post, we will look at the best coworking spaces for tech startups that offer the best in amenities, extras and professional infrastructure as well as office equipment that makes working there an absolute breeze. From the top coworking spaces for tech companies to the best shared office spaces for tech startups, here is a list of the best coworking spaces geared for tech startups and companies. 

The best coworking spaces for tech startups and companies: a list

Tech companies and new startups tend to favour the idea of coworking spaces and shared office spaces heavily. Aside from the obvious reasons why such business entities go for newer concepts of the professional space, the fact is that many tech companies and startups have a hybrid or remote work model that allows their personnel to work either from the comfort of their home, or from any other space which has an internet connection. This has allowed the coworking space to thrive and experience a boom. Here is the list of the best coworking spaces if you are a tech company or startup. 

ZEMLAR Offices

ZEMLAR Offices is one of the few service providers that constantly hit a solid first spot in the rankings. Whether its for the best coworking space in a specific city or for tech companies and startups, the services provided by ZEMLAR are top-notch and have some of the best amenities and extras in them. For starters, ZEMLAR takes pride in offering the best coworking space solutions to customers, and one of the major constituents of their services are the tech companies and startups. This is because their services are aimed at providing the best possible solutions, amenities and extras to the tech companies and startups. But aside from the tech segment of their clientele, really anybody can understand what makes ZEMLAR the best possible coworking space and shared office space provider in Canada. Their packages are very well-rounded off, and seem to be made for both freelance professionals and personnel from tech startups and companies. Furthermore, they have a wide range of amenities and extras as part of their packages, which, coincidentally, are also geared towards consumers who are looking to get the most bang for their buck. All in all, ZEMLAR is the perfect and best coworking space for tech startups and companies. 

VIBE Center

VIBE Centre is an urban, hip and trendy coworking space that focusses more on the provisions required to run an office rather than the customary features. For instance, it is one of the few coworking spaces across Canada to offer a 3D printer on site, as well as air purifiers and giant LCDs installed across the premises to give it a really futuristic , cutting-edge feel that the people certainly appreciate. From a price standpoint, VIBE Centre is really one of the more upscale and premium options on this list, but for the cost you pay, you get some amazing options and features to play around with. A young demographic and energized ambience really make the VIBE Centre the hotspot of whatever is trending among the youth nowadays, who are also the demographic that tend to populate the workforce of tech startups and companies. 


The one place that keeps it real like its namesake. Industrious has been one of the top-rated coworking spaces in Canada for a while now, and you can pretty much see why once you enter the premises, especially if you are someone from a tech company. Focusing on the provision of a premium shared office experience, they have everything that you could wish from your average shared office space: from a wide and diverse range of professionals on the spot to unlimited copying and printing on the spot, Industrious has everything you need to make it to the top, and they will actively work to make you get to the top of the world. Aside from the amenities listed above, you also get 24/7 access, complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day, mail and package service and access to regular member events that makes Industrious more than just a coworking shared office space: it is a destination for every industrious individual and business to be in. 

Workhaus Coworking and Office Space

Workhaus is another up-and-coming coworking space that seems to have taken the community by storm. Workhaus is unique in the sense that it has some amenities and features that other coworking spaces don’t have. For example, the community managers and the IT team at Workhaus is really fabulous, and several locations have excellent reviews on the services that they give to the freelancers and workers on the site. Furthermore, they don’t just have coworking spaces, they also have collaborative spaces and meeting rooms that are well-furnished and come with a bevy of technical features that make it a destination to work at. Workhaus is a great coworking space provider, and seems geared to cater to the requirements of what the tech community wants and startups tend to look out for. 


WeWork is the international franchise of coworking spaces that follows a specific design style and policies throughout their coworking spaces. They also have an extensive presence in Canada, and their coworking office space and rented office space is also very impressive and geared towards professionals looking to step away from the hustle bustle of a regular office to experience something more unconventional. They have good packages that fit in nicely with a lot of freelancers and remote workers, and they also have a bevy of features and amenities that make working at WeWork a good experience. However, their prices can be a little too high for starters in the market, which is why WeWork isn’t ranked too high when it comes to coworking spaces that cater to the requirements of tech startups. However, if you are a tech company with lots of cash to spare, WeWork is a pretty amazing place to work in.

Why should you go with ZEMLAR Offices?

While all of these coworking spaces are great, there can only be one: the best coworking space for tech startups and tech companies, and that honor goes to ZEMLAR. ZEMLAR has some of the best offerings in the coworking segment, and their flexible plans coupled with competitive pricing means that for your shared office spaces and coworking spaces, nobody does it like ZEMLAR. Expect nothing but the best when you get a coworking space at ZEMLAR Offices.

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