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The Benefits Of A Serviced Office

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Over the last two years, we have learned that committing to any non-lockdown activities may not be the best idea. Although we are hopefully at the end of this pandemic, you can never be too safe, and that’s why signing a usage agreement for an office space might not be the best idea, especially if work from home is still a very real possibility. A serviced office may be what you have been looking for in trying to achieve a balance between affordability and having a routine and office space to go to. They are fully equipped with everything you need, and even the things you didn’t know you needed!


Conventional office spaces are accompanied by lengthy agreements or commercial mortgages and bring along with that, costs such as furniture, machinery, equipment, maintenance, facility costs, and most of all, a long-term commitment. Serviced offices include all the above benefits, and remove the additional costs. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?


Here are a few reasons why serviced offices are worth your dime and time.

Affordable Fees

Most businesses are trying to maximize profits and reduce costs, and serviced offices are a great way to minimize those additional expenses. Since these offices are already equipped and furnished, you not only save on those costs but also reduce any additional moving expenditures.

Short Term Flexibility

Serviced offices mean no long-term commitments. Whether you want a space for a month, the quarter, or the year, the options are open for you. This offers you a lot more flexibility in your budgeting and allows for you to go completely remote when needed or expand to a bigger space, without worrying about the costs of moving and breaking any contracts.


Working from home means you could easily be distracted by background noise, other people, and most of all, no place to hold any meetings. A short-term space for all your business meetings could go a long way in ensuring you come across as a serious, professional business.

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Easy Movement

Location restrictions will no longer hold you back because serviced offices allow for easy movement between places. If your business is no longer feasibly running in one location, moving to another one is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about moving furniture and equipment, or consider any long-term agreements you may have signed.

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No Maintenance Costs

Serviced offices mean that you do not need to fret over hiring staff to maintain the place, or handle the amenities. Most serviced office stake care of this for you and just include it in your initial cost plan.

Avoid All The Waste Of Time, Red Tape Stuff.

Moving into a new office is stressful, time consuming, and often times takes away from valuable work hours. When all this is done for you before you move in, you can invest your hours into something more productive, like the work you got the office for.

Networking Opportunities

Serviced offices offer you the privacy of your own space, while perhaps sharing a common lounge or kitchen with other businesses, allowing for major networking opportunities with others.


Add all the above advantages, and you’ll see that serviced offices are extremely convenient. Movement, management, and commitment are no longer issues, and the costs associated with such an arrangement remain affordable.

ZEMLAR OFFICES offers amenities, maintenance staff, private and semi-private spaces, all at affordable rates. Visit ZEMLAR OFFICES to see all the workplace solutions we offer, ranging from a one-day office to meeting rooms to private executive offices, and we guarantee that you’ll find something that works for you, and is fully serviced! Check out our wide range of locations, and of course, read our clients’ reviews for their honest opinion!

Private office space at zemlar workplace

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