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Four Things to Consider When Renting a Meeting Room

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Have you ever had to organize a crucial meeting? If so, have you ever asked yourself, “Where should I rent a meeting room?” or “What are the most important factors to consider?”.

Your meeting room can make or break your meeting. In most cases, choosing the right meeting room adds a touch of professionalism to a high-stress situation. Renting a meeting room can be

a great way to create an environment that allows you to meet and discuss in private.

But choosing the right meeting room rental can be more complicated than it seems- especially if you’ve never done it before. To help, we offer these four things for consideration:

Room Size and Layout

Choose a meeting room that is large enough to accommodate all your attendees comfortably

without being so big as to make it seem impersonal. Look for an option with convenient amenities such as built-in projectors, whiteboards or flip charts, and wireless Internet.



You will be surprised to learn that a lot of meeting rooms can easily comfortably seat upwards of 100 people. You should also confirm the meeting room layout before deciding on one. A table or

other arrangement may be more suitable based on your requirements.



You can also consider an auditorium-style meeting room if people are more comfortable sitting

back and listening. 


For example, if you plan to hold a lecture session, an auditorium-style room

will be ideal for this purpose.


The ideal place to hold a business meeting is typically an area that is easily accessible by all guests and clients who are attending. If possible, choose a close location to where most of your clients are located.



You should also factor in what other amenities the location has to offer, like parking,

accommodations for smokers and non-smokers or even other facilities like catering services if needed. It’s also important to check for nearby attractions like hotels, retail outlets and restaurants since your attendees might want to enjoy some of them after the meeting.



For example, if you are looking for a venue to hold a sales presentation, look for a large meeting room in an area near your company’s target market. It’s also advisable to choose a place that includes catering and valet services with its conference room rental since these can help improve your meeting’s efficiency.

Reserved Date Options

When reserving a meeting room, it is important to pick out an option that gives you the flexibility of choosing from several dates. A good choice will allow you to select the date that best suits your schedule as well as the schedule of your attendees. 

Private office space at zemlar workplace

In addition, the location’s website should provide you with an option to choose a time for your meeting room reservation.


For example, you might want to keep your options open by choosing a meeting room that allows you to pick from a range of days instead of only having the option of picking out a set a date for

the reservation.



It helps if the tradeoff is minimal, or you’re charged for availability instead of a set day. You should also confirm any blackout dates before making your decision.

Private office space at zemlar workplace


The price of renting a meeting room can vary depending on several factors, such as the location and size of the room. You should also check if extra charges like cleaning fees, security deposits or taxes are included in your conference room rental.

For example, many venues charge an administration fee typically added at the end of the total fee charged. You should check if this applies to your reservation before making your final decision. Venues may also charge you extra if there are any additional services like setup or cleanup involved.



At the same time, some venues will charge per person to use their meeting rooms instead of setting an overall price. You should confirm whether they charge this way before making your


Rent a Meeting Room Today

A meeting room will play a big part in the success of your business. You can be sure that all your meetings will run more smoothly through proper planning and booking. If you’re looking for a venue to hold an important meeting with your clients, colleagues or even family members,

ZEMLAR Offices can help you out. With 13+ locations in the Greater Toronto Area, we offer

modern and fully-equipped offices with flexible meeting room rental packages.

To find out more about our meeting room rental packages, click here.

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