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Remote But Not Isolated: Networking Hacks to Level Up Your Career

Remote Work

While many of us prefer working remotely, especially after the rise in tech-sector jobs and the pandemic made it both viable and feasible, it’s not a great way of working. Professional-minded people who understand the innumerable benefits networking brings to one’s career. The inherent problem with remote working is that the only people you interact with on an in-person level is whoever is with you in the room. And while some people might be okay with it, the professional isn’t. However, fret not: here are some of the best networking hacks that remote workers can use to level up their careers by still interacting with people on a corporate, professional level.virtual offices

But that’s not all: remote workers can benefit from using the many coworking and private office spaces that offer a huge host of benefits. Services like ZEMLAR Offices offer exemplary coworking spaces and private office spaces that have amazing amenities as well as incredible packages that make working from these spaces much more engaging, productive and beneficial than just regular old working from home. So, let’s start by looking at the best networking hacks for communication and professional purposes while working remotely.

Networking hacks for remote workers: the best tips

Whether it’s a tech job or any other field, remote working need not be a boring affair. You can still meet lots of new people, make valuable connections, and still feel like a valued member of a team. For communication in virtual offices or on how to network virtually at work, here are the best tips you’ll ever get. 

Utilize a private office or coworking space


Remote working shouldn’t just mean working from your apartment or from your home where you might only have your significant other or your pet to keep you company. That is really debilitating, and in the professional space, will make you miss out on important mental and career growth opportunities.


The best workaround, that will allow you to reap all the benefits of a professional working space, is to either use a private office or a coworking space. There, you can level up your career by networking with all sorts of people and enjoy the company of like-minded professionals. 


Choose video meets over audio calls


For the remote professional working from a private office or from their home, a meeting can be a really helpful tool to connect with other teammates or professionals working on the same project or on the same team. While some people might look at meetings as a burden that they have to go through with their camera off, you can always substitute a regular audio call for a video meeting to get to meet your teammates and work and interact with them, emulating the feel of a conventional office. 


While we understand that it isn’t the same thing, short of actually gathering the entire team at one location, this is the best solution to the issue at hand. By substituting audio calls for video meets, you will actually take a regular, boring audio call and make it into something much more engaging and more jovial, one that restores camaraderie within remote professionals working together as a team. 


Try to connect over shared interests


Here’s the thing; none of us are robots, and humans need social bonding to keep going. Companies understand this: offices operating on a remote basis routinely host meet-and-greet sessions and other activities to instill a sense of teamwork and belonging within members of the team. However, here, many people and remote professionals find out that their networking skills have rusted. That shouldn’t be the case, but if it is something that you struggle with, start with the most common networking tip: connect or bond over shared interests. 


Whether its science-fiction movies, hiking, or a really niche interest that is shared by few people, take this common interest as a basis for furthering your professional networking opportunity and ensure that you keep things cordial, jovial and professional. After all, this is networking in a remote setting, not looking for a partner. 


Make some time for informal chats


Meetings usually take place in a strictly professional environment, and for remote professionals, who tend to take this aspect really seriously, this can be a missed opportunity for networking within the company and to break the ice within the team. A good tip, if you are the manager or can set the theme and the tone of the meeting, would be to keep the environment jovial, and if possible, end the meeting with an informal chat between all team members. This can be a great way for remote workers to network within the company, or within the team. 


Even in on-site settings, while conversing with professionals from a branch office or from another office in another state, the same group-building activity can be used to network effectively within the company and establish professional relationships that will help you and other professionals within the company go above and beyond and supercharge their career. 


Volunteer for projects


Projects are a great way to network and communicate with people around the office that would otherwise not find the time or frankly, the reason. However, it is important that you volunteer for projects that might pop up.


This will allow you to build a team, and set the theme and the tone for the meetings, the group discussions and the overall tone of the project. We’ve heard this tip over and over again, and we agree with lots of people in understanding that a project can make all the difference in there being a sense of belonging and camaraderie within a team, and even remote professionals can use a new project to bond and form new and better working relationships with other remote professionals working on the same projects. 

ZEMLAR Offices: custom-tailored office solutions for you!


When it comes to virtual offices in Toronto, nobody does it better than ZEMLAR. With prime locations across the greater Toronto area (GTA) and a host of amenities that come as standard, ZEMLAR is the gold standard for both coworking solutions and virtual offices. Not to mention the packages we have for corporations looking to benefit from this revolution of the virtual offices. 


The traditional office is unfortunately doomed, to be replaced by its modern, more convenient and more cost-effective counterpart: the virtual office. ZEMLAR does virtual offices the best! And remember: remote work doesn’t have to mean isolation. By strategically leveraging online and offline opportunities, you can build a robust network that propels your career forward. Consistency is key: be proactive, participate actively, and watch your remote network blossom.


So, for your next business-booming move, why not check out ZEMLAR and their incredibly awesome packages for virtual offices to get the productivity going high?

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