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Making the Switch From a Traditional Office to a Virtual Office

Traditional Office to a Virtual Office

Are you considering saying goodbye to traditional offices and transitioning to a virtual office space? Congrats already because you are about to ditch the hassle of traffic jams, rigid schedules, and stuffy cubicles.


Instead, you will work from the comfortable recliner chair at your home, your liked coffee shop, or while drinking your favorite tropical drink at the beach. Dreamy, right?


Transitioning to a virtual office can help you save money, meet new people in your field, and have more freedom. But first things first, your business must be ready for this transition, and so do you. Here are some pointers regarding traditional vs. virtual office, recommendations, and guidelines to help you navigate the shift quickly.

Traditional vs Virtual Office

Traditional Office vs. Virtual Office: The Main Difference

Workers in a traditional office space are expected to arrive at a specific time daily, sit at designated desks, and follow strict schedules. On the contrary, with a virtual office, everything is managed virtually so that workers can do their jobs from anywhere worldwide, all with an internet connection. This change gives employees a better work-life balance while saving time and money commuting. 

Traditional to Virtual Office Transformation: Some Best Practices

Do a test run:

With virtual office providers like Zemlar offices, you may test several choices without being tied to a long-term rental contract. Depending on your location, office space, and service requirements, you can choose a virtual office space for as little as a few hours or as long as a month.

Understand what to expect:

Virtual offices are similar to traditional office spaces in many ways, but there are also important distinctions. You must know what to expect after transitioning to a virtual office. You might be paired with a new coworker some days, and others might have different schedules. However, remember that the best benefit of a virtual workspace is its flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Get all the tools you need:

Get the best communication tools for your team so members may effortlessly maintain contact with you and each other. Ensure everyone on your staff gets training regarding the tools so everyone is on the same page when things go digital. The essential tools that you must have access to are video-conferencing tools, project-management tools, and file-sharing tools. Moreover, protect your company from cybercriminals and data breaches by following strict security protocols. 

Choose a virtual office space provider:

Before looking for a virtual office space provider, conducting thorough research in the market is essential. Compare how well each one of the providers meets your current and future demands and finalize a service provider that can scale with your company. Be clear of your demands if you need address and mail handling services or more services like a receptionist, meeting room space, fax, and photocopying equipment.

Communicate with your employees:

Everyone, especially your employees, can feel uneasy about suddenly changing from traditional to virtual office space. It is essential to keep your staff in the loop about the progress of the office move and provide them with regular information about the new change. Furthermore, ensure your staff knows all the advantages virtual office space will bring.

Set up the virtual office and promote a comfortable culture:

Lastly, make the change and enjoy it to the fullest! Notify your clients if you have a change of address and set clear expectations for your employees. Just because they are not working physically doesn’t have to mean they are not working at all. Your traditional to virtual office transformation will only be effective when you foster a culture of trust. 

Traditional Office vs Virtual Office

Benefits of Virtual Office Space:


The strict 9 to 5 workday is over. Transitioning to a virtual workplace can improve employees’ work-life balance and output by focusing on tasks and setting clear expectations for themselves. 

Cost savings:

Office space rental costs can add up quickly for companies, making it hard to make ends meet. With a traditional to virtual office transformation, companies can free up capital for other investments and save on expenditures like rent, utilities, and office supplies.

Employees from all over the world:

The best benefit of a virtual workspace is the ability to hire individuals from all around the world. Companies can hire the best talent pool, regardless of the location. 

Traditional Office to a Virtual Office

Make Your Traditional to Virtual Office Transformation a Breeze- Contact Zemlar Offices

The debate between traditional offices vs. virtual offices is long, but virtual offices are quickly becoming the standard for companies worldwide as we move towards technological advancements. The remote working model has proven to be a powerful tool for innovation, productivity, and employee empowerment in today’s fast-paced world. 


So, what’s stopping you? If you want to open up new opportunities for your company, transitioning to a virtual office is a must.


Among the many virtual office service providers in Canada, Zemlar stands out. We offer unmatched virtual offices, fully furnished executive office spaces, meeting and conference rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, expert IT support, and unlimited amenities no one else provides. Our rental packages are very competitive and flexible. Let us know if you want to rent virtual office spaces in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Markham, North York, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, or Vaughan because Zemlar proudly operates in all!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one is better, a traditional office vs. a virtual office?

Virtual offices are the best bet for people who prefer to work from the convenience of their home rather than in an unpleasant typical office setting. On the contrary, traditional offices are ideal for those who have trouble concentrating at home and require a designated office space to complete their tasks. 


What is the purpose of a virtual office?

Businesses and their employees can use a virtual office’s many online services to conduct various tasks, allowing them to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Businesses can also establish and maintain a presence in the city’s prime area without renting a physical office.


What is the most significant benefit of a virtual workspace?

The best benefit of a virtual workspace is that workers may avoid spending money on gas, work from the comfort of their homes, and have more control over their work-life balance. Many businesses have found that providing this virtual model reduces employee turnover and boosts worker productivity. 

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