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Is Virtual the New Reality?

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Approximately 3 out of 4 millenials (~71%) hold the belief that traditional offices will soon be obsolete, and we will be operating within a completely remote world. In an increasingly globalised world, dominated by a constant desire to increase productivity rates and reduce expenses as much as possible, virtual offices seem to be an ideal solution and perhaps, a glimpse into the future.


First, what is a virtual office? Virtual offices are typically offered as a service by companies to companies, that allows for the possibility of remote work while simultaneously retaining a physical presence but without having to pay rent. They offer certain advantages such as phone and voicemail, printing facilities, and meeting rooms, so they still resemble physical offices in many ways. Here are a few reasons why virtual offices may be a good idea for your company:


Physical business address, minus the hassle


The existence of a business address associated with your company will ensure that your business is seen as a professional, credible one. A business card with a legitimate phone number and address, as opposed to a home address and your personal phone, will allow prospective clients and customers to trust you and they will be more likely to approach you. While maintaining a professional image through a fancy business address, you get the added flexibility of work from home, if that’s something you’re looking for.


Cost friendly


Traditional physical offices end up costing significantly more than virtual spaces, and are sometimes just not worth it for certain companies. If yours is one of those, then virtual offices save you from the obnoxious rent amounts that accompany business addresses, as well as reduce overhead costs, equipment and furniture expenses, as well as maintenance and utility fees.


Flexible terms


Most virtual office services charge by the month, allowing for short-term rentals, adding to the flexibility. Unlike long-term leases for physical spaces, virtual office agreements will allow opting out whenever you want.


Less commute time


Not only do virtual hours save long commute rides (and thus that time could be spent elsewhere), this also ends up benefiting the environment. Cutting out the daily commute means you don’t go to work daily in your car or bus, thus reducing a collective carbon footprint.


Increased productivity, flexibility, and satisfaction


Working virtually has allowed for a greater work-life balance, thereby resulting in more employee productivity and satisfaction. Since employees no longer dread the morning commute, nor do they have to take an evening train back, the flexibility offers them room to do things that matter outside of work, such as spending time with family, taking time out for themselves, or even just going for a run without being exhausted.


International talent


Since virtual offices permit employees to work from anywhere, they allow for the possibility of having a global team. Set up in Canada but hire someone from the UK because that is the right move for your business. Virtual offices provide the rare opportunity to attract such talent and to make for a more diversified team.


Easy setups


Virtual spaces eliminate all the extra paperwork that comes with setting up a physical office space. Doing it online is a lot easier and more flexible.




Technology has altered the way we operate on the daily, and virtual offices offer a certain appeal, from being cost-effective to environmentally friendly to flexible and more productive. They are an asset for companies, especially those in the earlier stages. Don’t worry, we have you covered. ZEMLAR OFFICES offers virtual spaces at low costs, in 11+ GTA locations, giving your company the prestige and presence it deserves.

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