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How to Eliminate Distractions from your Workspace

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Have you ever wondered how people can work with loud music playing in the background? Or the other way around – how people can seem to work with pindrop silence? Distractions in the workplace vary from person to person. Similarly, some of us are very skilled at tuning out the distractions, while others can be disrupted by the slightest of changes. This month’s post discusses the different ways you can eliminate distractions from your workplace.

First, let’s tackle why distractions aren’t necessarily the best things – they can impact your ability to pay attention to the work you’re supposed to be doing;they can lead to mistakes and poor judgment, simply because you cannot focus and give the work your 100%; they can impact your motivation to work and your mood, making you frustrated with your inability to complete the task at hand; and all in all, could lead to poor performance.


Next, let’s look at a few possible distractions – it can be as simple as loud phone conversations or a loud talker at the desk next to yours, to your own distractions, like iMessage, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram… Other forms of distractions could also be personal emails along with your work ones, while you are trying to complete something, a last-minute request or meeting, unnecessary background noise such as elevator doors opening/closing, construction going on, cars or buses passing by.


So then, how do we manage these distractions, or better yet, eliminate them?

Limit interruptions, especially technological ones

With modern technology, limiting technological interruptions is very doable. Check your email for a few minutes each day, but then turn off those notifications, put your phone and laptop on DND mode, and have specific times for yourself to check your devices each day. For example, make it a habit to check your social media and emails at 9 am each day, followed by a 12 pm and a3 pm check. This way, you remain informed but have a disciplined way of doing so.

Self-management and self-control

Self-management is key to eliminating distractions. Learn what works best for you, and then implement it. If this means shutting your phone into a drawer for the workday, so be it. If it means working in solitude, that is okay too. If you need to download the Self-Control app for yourself, do that. If you must limit screen time, there’s no shame in that. Either way, you need to know what is best for you, and then implement it.

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Manage your space and time

If your work place is cluttered or has too much going on, that may not be the most productive work environment for you. The reverse could also be true – a super organized workplace might not be the best idea for you, and you thrive in chaos. Either way, visual distractions should be minimized, whatever those may be for you.


Organizing your workplace in the way best for you can in turn help with productivity and stress relief.

Invest in a daily planner

A predictable workday is rare, especially having the same routine everyday. Things come up and there’s no telling what unexpected things could happen each day. Consider investing in a daily planner, that allows you to plan your day, week, or month. In this way, you can visually see what is in front of you, and manage your time and distractions accordingly. Don’t use your brain as a storage space, when you clearly don’t have to.
Planners can help
with time management, improve productivity, and provide stress relief!

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Take breaks

Going into overdrive is never a good idea. Taking constructive breaks from time to time is actually beneficial for productivity, rather than hindering your workspace.


In sum, everyone is distracted by different things, and react to these distractions in different ways. It is important for you to figure out what works best for you and how to strategically tackle and eliminate these distractions in a manner that allows your productivity to be maximized.

The different options available at ZEMLAR OFFICES allow businesses to decide what arrangement may work best for employees, whether it is a private office or a one-day space, and allow you to set up the space according to your own needs. Check out our wide range of locations for the best workplace solution for you.

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