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How Office Space Design Can Increase Productivity

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Have you ever felt more motivated than usual when you are working in spaces featuring floor to ceiling windows? Does the noise level surrounding you make a difference to your productivity? What about if there is greenery in the office – have you noticed a warmer and calmer office atmosphere if there’s a few plants around?

Studies have shown repeatedly that natural light improves employee engagement and productivity – that’s why corner offices happen to be such a big deal! Working in the confines of an office can be depressing if you are surrounded by gloomy walls and nothing else, which is why greenery, sunlight, and even the design of the office, all play a significant role. Let’s explore the different ways in which the physical office space affects productivity at work.

Natural Light and Greenery

As living things, we require our daily dose of Vitamin D and some greenery to function effectively. Having a few plants in the office for cleaner air and emphasizing windows to let in natural light can go a long way.


Having lounge spaces that allow employees to interact outside of their workspaces further boost morale and allow for a better work culture, which will in turn increase productivity. Having a regular cleaning service also helps.


Nobody wants an uncomfortable chair. Focusing on ergonomics by ensuring properly designed chairs and desks, as well as having spaces that permit standing and sitting arrangements for employees to move around.

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The layout of office furniture and equipment can also go a long way. Cluttering everything together in one space, or allowing no room for movement, may lead to employees dreading their daily work routine. Allowing for a mix of cubicles, private offices, and some common spaces, along with comfortable furniture, may help with employee motivation.

Private office space at zemlar workplace


Allowing employees to personalize their office spaces will give them the opportunity to arrange it the way they feel works best for them, giving them a sense of ownership and maximizing individual employee productivity, because what works for employee A may not be as helpful for employee B.

ZEMLAR OFFICES offers amenities, maintenance staff, private and semi-private spaces, all at affordable rates. Visit ZEMLAR OFFICES to see all the workplace solutions we offer, ranging from a one-day office to meeting rooms to private executive offices, and we guarantee that you’ll find something that works for you, and is fully serviced! Check out our wide range of locations, and of course, read our clients’ reviews for their honest opinion!

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