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Executive private offices are a growing concept that has benefited from the rise in the number of startups and small businesses trying to make it big. However, there’s a lot more to private office spaces than just catering to the needs of these entities with their cost-saving options and the flexibility they offer. We’ll be taking a look at the many benefits and advantages of switching to executive private offices and how they can help you scale up to new heights.


But first, a little overview into understanding what an executive private office is and what such office spaces entail. 

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What is an executive private office?

Executive private offices are designated and cordoned-off workspaces within a coworking or shared office space that provide both privacy and ease of access to renters. Professionals looking to maximize their real estate can use these remote offices to ensure smooth functioning. Whether its on-site meetings, client discussions, or routine work, an executive private office will provide all the necessities needed, supplemented by additional benefits discussed below.


In an executive private office, enclosed rooms or rooms are always available, allowing 24/7 access and working spaces for a team. Other amenities may also be included depending on the provider, but an executive office space usually provides electronics and furnishings. The rest is the renter’s responsibility. 


Now, let us look at the two most profound benefits your business can have by using executive private offices. 

Cost savings of executive private office

There is a reason why private offices are considered the better option for small businesses and startups: they are perfect for reducing overhead costs and providing the same level of utility, usability, and amenities that separate and standalone offices might provide. Because they are shared spaces, utilities like gas, water, electricity, high-speed internet, etc, are shared across renters, which drives down the price. Furthermore, since many office buildings require extensive leases to be put down or require hefty upkeep and maintenance costs, an executive private office has no such frills and expenditures to maintain and can be very cost-effective. Add in long-term agreements with the remote office space provider (which drives the cost down further), and you are looking at incredible savings incurred over the tenancy. Bear in mind: this does not mean that the renters miss out on the requisites of an office: those come standard by all space providers. 

The flexibility of executive private offices

Executive private offices also provide flexibility in choosing options for leases. While not as flexible as coworking spaces, private offices are still very flexible in pricing for conventional offices. Besides small businesses and startups, your business can benefit greatly from its flexibility. Aside from this, these office spaces provide the personnel or the team with a lot of flexibility since they usually allow access 24/7. Unlike a conventional office, the premises remain open, allowing easy access for the team. Executive private offices are usually located in the heart of metropolitan cities, which gives users an added advantage and edge over other spaces, especially conventional offices. 

The other benefits of executive private offices

Here are some other benefits of executive private offices. 

Access to better amenities

One of the major benefits of executive private offices is the access to better amenities, the cost of which is also shared, thereby becoming less of a burden. Many such providers, like ZEMLAR Offices, provide amenities like high-speed internet, hot and cold beverages on tap, office equipment like printers, and other services like a professional reception, etc, for no extra charge, which makes such spaces a very enticing business model and helps make office spaces a lucrative option. Whereas in conventional space, such things need to be paid for. 

Collaborative, creative workspace

Executive private offices also boast an incredibly collaborative and creative workspace. Teamwork flourishes in a tight-knit space, which makes these options better for creativity and productivity. Startups mainly focus on this aspect since this allows them to utilize the full potential of their workforce. With a collaborative workspace like that provided by private offices, your business will have nowhere to go but up. 


One of the most critical aspects of business is privacy. You have the right to conduct your business affairs without the need for other people to know about it, and executive private offices double down on that, giving the renter the privacy they need to perform their duties efficiently. From separate offices to sequestered conference rooms, these spaces boast everything you need to work, focused and engrossed in ensuring your business succeeds and gets to the top. 

Networking, professional connections

One of the hidden and rarely-discussed benefits of executive private offices. Professionals understand the value and worth of lifelong business connections; they are the most useful tool in the corporate world after Excel. Private executive offices allow for an incredibly diverse workplace, with people from all industries working together. This allows for some professional bonding and adds an element of sociability that translates into incredible networking opportunities and professional connections. These will help your business skyrocket to success, and these executive private offices will have played a big part in that.

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The bottom line

Startups and small businesses prefer arrangements like that of executive private offices. They provide all the benefits of a conventional office but do away with some aspects that such fledgling institutes struggle with. Finances are something that every establishment struggles with, and cutting overhead and bringing down costs is imperative in this situation. Executive private offices do more than that; they allow for a diverse range of professions to utilize this space any way they want: call it a day office, a meeting space, or simply a place for clients to interact with the business, executive private offices have all that you might need. 

ZEMLAR Offices: the best executive private office solutions

Whether it is amenities you want, at no extra cost, or the best and most flexible long-term packages for your executive private office, ZEMLAR Offices has solutions that match your requirements. We boast extensive attention to detail; our personal office space is fully furnished and ready to be used as an executive space for you to conduct your business and plan out your next big move. If an executive private office is not your style, check out other options; from virtual offices to meeting rooms to the best-equipped coworking spaces, ZEMLAR has it all. Check us out at ZEMLAR Offices and learn why we are Canada’s fastest-growing executive private office solutions provider. 

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