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Empowering remote workers and transforming office spaces

Remote working is all the rage right now: corporations, tech giants, and fintech companies are looking towards unconventional work environments to drive productivity and attract the best talent worldwide. This model, fueled by the growth of remote working after the pandemic, has further given rise to coworking spaces and shared office spaces, both of which offer unique solutions to the conventional workplace and, in terms of their utility, are some of the best workspace solutions to have been introduced as of late. How do coworking spaces and shared office spaces empower remote professionals and freelance workers, and how has this idea transformed the humble office space?

In this blog, we’ll look at the many advantages remote professionals can utilize with coworking spaces and how corporations can utilize shared office spaces to transform and revolutionize today’s office space for added benefits and value. 

Let’s get started. 

Empowering remote workers: the case for coworking spaces

Remote working entails the concept of working from home; since most modern work is now carried out on computers and software, working from home is now something that most of us are familiar with. Companies simply have to issue hardware (computers, etc.) and arrange access to software used in the office, and the person is set. This allows you to perform your tasks from another place while being part of the team virtually through applications allowing users to join in a meeting-esque setting. 

However, working from home isn’t feasible at all. For one, a home setting has its own distractions that can affect productivity and focus, downgrading the performance of a professional. After realizing this, the concept of a coworking space gained traction, and today, we’re standing at a place where coworking spaces and shared office spaces are virtually everywhere; from the skyline of Toronto to the busy spaces in Tokyo, coworking spaces have taken over in popularity as the go-to office space that comes with an extensive set of benefits and amenities. 

Reception in coworking space

Let’s take a look at how these office spaces empower remote workers.

1. Flexibility

The first and foremost benefit that coworking spaces and shared office spaces have for the remote worker is a big one: flexibility. This factor alone makes these office spaces much more preferable and lucrative to the remote professional. By allowing professional flexibility in time, they allow for increased productivity by allowing remote professionals to come in at their convenience and not the other way around. Throw in the fact that coworking spaces also boast a subtly non-formal environment and do not usually have the same level of restrictions that a conventional workspace has. You get an idea of just how flexible a coworking space is for remote professionals.

2. Convenience

The second significant factor that makes such unconventional workspace solutions so much of a winner among remote workers is their convenience. For one, there are no formal rules for the coworking space, meaning you are free to go in and come out as you please. Then, with the widespread popularity of coworking spaces, these can be found almost anywhere; from busy city centers to quiet places in the suburbs, you can find one near your home and eliminate the boredom and inconvenience that is the daily commute to and from work. This unparalleled convenience is only available with coworking spaces, and remote workers are all for this.

3. Cost-effective

How is a coworking space cost-effective for the remote professional? Well, many coworking space solution providers offer a pay-as-you-go model, meaning remote workers only need to pay for the time they will or might have spent on the premises. No long-term contracts that drag you out of the house to get your money’s worth; you pay for the day and nothing more. This makes it incredibly lucrative for remote workers looking to get out of the house, enjoy the amenities, and still not end up paying essentially a second rent in the name of the coworking space.

4. Access to better amenities

High-speed internet? Check. Unlimited hot and cold beverages? Check. Access to meeting rooms and a whole menagerie of other amenities? Double check! The primary reason why remote workers prefer coworking spaces is simply due to the amenities they provide. Some of the best service providers in the market, like ZEMLAR Offices, provide these amenities without incurring extra fees or costs, so you get all the utility and usability you want at prices that are simply unbeatable and unmatchable. 

Now, we will look at how these modern coworking and office spaces have transformed the humble workspace into a thing of the future. 

1. Scalability

The conventional office space could be more scalable. When an office leases a building, the tenancy and occupancy numbers stay low for the first couple of years, and once the company has grown enough, the building seems filled to the brim with people. And since many landlords prefer long-term leases, the office is essentially stuck in the same building, affecting their capacity to scale up. Shared office spaces allow unlimited scalability, given that they don’t operate on such stringent leases and have plenty of real estate to cater to growing businesses. This allows businesses to do both: scale up dramatically or scale down if finances require it. And coworking spaces and shared office spaces both offer unparalleled convenience in doing so.

2. Productivity

Productivity in work-from-home situations is only moderate at best. This is because humans are now hardwired just to relax at home. This means that driving up productivity is important. Getting out of the home also allows professionals, especially remote workers, to collaborate with other professionals further, making the workplace an incredibly diverse and creative one. This is why, when it comes to productivity, bar none, no other workplace solution comes even close to shared office spaces and coworking spaces. Imagine a place where all sorts of professionals are working; even a simple discussion can be incredibly creative and nuanced, and many ideas can be exchanged, making coworking spaces and shared office spaces a birthplace for the business skyline of the future.

coworking spaces

In a nutshell,

Remote workers now have a place to call an office and have it their way! The new and unconventional office spaces of the future have all the benefits that the conventional office has and then some. It also does away with the disadvantages and the cons of the traditional workspace as well, allowing you to have the most productivity, the most scalability, and a host of amenities available at all times without incurring costs that might drain away your finances. Therefore, the workplace of the future is really the best form of evolution: from corporate workplaces that limit and stifle creativity to the modern workplace for the remote worker that encourages and catalyzes productivity and diversity, we are living in the golden age of the unconventional workspace.

ZEMLAR Offices: office space solutions made simple!

Are you tired of the exorbitant costs of renting offices and leasing office space? The sooner you switch to coworking spaces, the better and more likely your chances are of making it big with your startup. ZEMLAR Offices has coworking space solutions designed to shift your business into the next gear, allowing you to utilize all the amenities and features of a conventional office without the operating costs and financial burden of actually maintaining one. Focus on your business, work towards getting that next big break and leave the office to us: ZEMLAR will ensure that your business succeeds, and the coworking space plays a big role in it. Trust ZEMLAR with the best coworking space solutions to help your business go the extra mile.

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