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Explore the Best Coworking Spaces in Oakville

Are you searching for the perfect workspace in Oakville, Ontario, but overwhelmed by the countless choices? This article has compiled some of Oakville’s most popular coworking spaces. The rise of remote work and the increasing demand for flexible office solutions have transformed Oakville into a hub for coworking spaces.

According to the 2018 issue of Money Sense magazine, Oakville is the best place to live, owing to its exceptional lifestyle and business-friendly climate. So, if you’re looking for the ideal coworking space in Oakville, keep reading. We’ll provide valuable insights to help you get the most out of your workplace experience.

5 Best Coworking Virtual Spaces in Oakville


Location- Has 6 locations to offer in Oakville.

Best For – Whether you’re a startup, a freelancer, or an established corporation, ZEMLAR provides the environment you need to reach new heights. If you’re looking for a virtual coworking space in Oakville that provides freedom, customization, and continuous support, ZEMLAR could be the right fit.

ZEMLAR, located in the center of Oakville, provides various services to meet multiple company needs, making it one of the top contenders on our list. ZEMLAR  premium virtual coworking spaces in Oakville are meticulously crafted to build a solid foundation for your business to develop and expand.

What ZEMLAR Offers?

  • Private Offices
  • Virtual Office Space
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Coworking Spaces for One Day

 ZEMLAR Coworking Space has raised the standard for establishing an office atmosphere that supports and enhances your business. This is where design and practicality coexist, and networking is as easy as productivity.

Why Consider ZEMLAR for Your Virtual Office Requirements?


ZEMLAR Offices recognizes that your office should reflect your brand and work style. That is why they provide customization choices that allow you to personalize the workspace completely. They have you covered for anything from bespoke shelving to office expansions, making your desk seem like a second home.

Round-the-Clock Access

With  ZEMLAR, you don’t have to follow a 9-to-5 schedule. You can work on your terms, whenever you choose, with 24-hour access and a dedicated security and maintenance crew at your disposal.

Quick Response Time

Today’s fast-paced corporate environment requires quick communication.ZEMLAR’s keen customer support team is committed to responding to you within 24 to 48 hours. This ensures your complaints and questions are resolved immediately.

But that’s not all.

ZEMLAR HAS No Hidden Charges

What you see is what you get with their leasing offices. No unexpected or hidden costs will provide you peace of mind about your budget.

Furnished Suites

Moving and equipping a new workplace may be an expensive and time-consuming procedure. ZEMLAR makes this easier by providing fully equipped apartments as standard. This means you may save the headache of purchasing and relocating furniture and instead get right to work.

Guaranteed Focus

Distractions may impede productivity. ZEMLAR’s specialized customer support team has one important mission: guaranteeing you can work without interruptions.

Pricing: For offers and pricing details, contact ZEMLAR


Location: Oakville 700 Third Line Oakville, ON L6L 4B1

Best For- Growing Small Business

Whether you need a private office or a budding startup entrepreneur wanting to make the next step for your expanding firm, Apple Suites offers the answer you’ve sought.

What do APPLE SUITES Have to Offer?

  • Day Offices
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Virtual Offices
  • Self-Storage

Apple Suites leads the flexibility factor. They provide month-to-month leasing options, allowing you to efficiently change your space to your changing company needs. Apple Suites also offers a virtual office option for people who want to avoid a dedicated physical area.

But that isn’t all. When you pick Apple Suites, you receive access to several facilities and services.

  • You can access a fully equipped boardroom if you require a professional environment for team strategy sessions.
  • The convenience of a kitchen and service allows you to stay refreshed and refueled.
  • Printing and copying services are available onsite to help you streamline your operations.
  • Professional reception services will leave an impression on your clients and guests.
  • With high-end internet speed, Apple Suites keeps you connected at all times,

With these services, you can concentrate on what matters most: expanding your business.

For Pricing, Contact APPLE SUITES

3. Touchdown Coworking Space

Location: 2030 Bristol Circle, Suite 210, Oakville, Ontario

Best For – flex-time workers, startups, and distributed teams with specific needs.

As we continue to assist you in locating the best coworking space in Oakville, our next option is Touchdown coworking space. It is more than just an office; it’s a unique piece of scientific design.

It offers an appealing environment that combines isolation with the possibility to engage with a flourishing professional community.

What does it Offer?

Touchdown Coworking Space accommodates short- and long-term lease needs with over 12 customizable membership packages. It offers

  • Personal Offices
  • Dedicated Workstations
  • Hot Desk
  • Coworking Spaces for Teams
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Capabilities of a Virtual Office

Touchdown Coworking Space recognizes that you are working hard to achieve what you want. This is why they’ve gone above and beyond to provide you with the required assistance.

  • A beautifully designed workstation is both visually pleasant and practical
  • Join a network of like-minded professionals for networking and learning opportunities.
  • Touchdown Coworking Space keeps you moving at the speed of business.
  • You can come to work whenever possible since you have flexible access.
  • Keep yourself nourished throughout the day with high-quality drinks and snacks.

For Pricing details, Contact Touchdown Coworking Space.

4. Venture X

Location: 2275 Upper Middle Rd. East Oakville, Ontario

Best For- startups, home-based enterprises, working individuals, and corporate headquarters looking to build satellite offices

In searching for the ideal virtual Coworking spaces in Oakville, another option is attracting the eye of both people and organizations. Venture X provides a variety of exciting choices for enterprises of all sizes.

What Does It Offer?

  • Private Offices
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Hot Desks

But that’s not all; they also provide a unique virtual office service, perfect for individuals looking for a professional address with the flexibility to book actual space as required.

The goal is to build an environment that is adaptive, dynamic, and sensitive to the needs of your unique organization.

When you become a part of  Venture X O, you can access a wealth of amenities, including

  • Three private entrances
  • Meeting rooms
  • full kitchen
  • and collaborative workspaces.
  • Security key cards for a seamless experience
  • Onsite staff dedicated to assisting you.

 The offerings at Venture X are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, promoting diversity, inspiration, and collaboration at every turn.

For pricing, Contact Venture X

5. Alternawork

Location: 2115 South Service Rd. W Oakville, Ontario

Best For- IT freelancers and distributed IT teams

Alternawork emerges as a light in Oakville’s growing tech industry, meeting the specifics of this dynamic sector. This workplace is more than simply a place to work; it’s an innovation hub tailored to the needs of IT workers.

For individuals looking for professional office space, Alternawork’s Oakville location offers a diverse choice of possibilities.

What Does It Offer?

  • Private Offices
  • Dedicated Workstations
  • Virtual Office Space
  • Boardrooms and Event Space
  • Premium Corner Window Space

Privacy is highly valued at Alternawork. The entire design is meant to promote a calm and focused working atmosphere.

To provide a calm environment to concentrate and invent, sound-absorbing materials are purposefully put on the floors, ceilings, and throughout all conference rooms.

They have also created a secure network using the latest industry standards to protect your computer data while maintaining high-speed, 24-hour connectivity.

Alternawork has established a niche dedicated to your specific needs, whether you’re in the growing IT field or just searching for a professional and private office.

For pricing, Contact alternawork

Choose Your Perfect Virtual Coworking Space in Oakville

Are you looking for an ideal virtual Coworking space that offers more than simply a desk but also an environment that fosters your ambitions? Oakville offers several options. It all comes down to selecting the ideal location that fits your vision.

As we near the end of our journey, one name sticks out above the rest: ZEMLAR OFFICES. What makes ZEMLAR stand apart in Oakville’s coworking scene?

ZEMLAR OFFICES has risen to the top because they have established an atmosphere where your business can operate and thrive. Schedule Your Tour with ZEMLAR Now!

Let us know what your ideal Coworking space looks like in the comments.

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