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Best Coworking and Shared Office Space in Toronto

Coworking Space Toronto

With the world now readily embracing the remote work culture and the hybridization of the workspace, if there’s one thing that we’ve got to appreciate: it’s the coworking spaces and shared office spaces that keep us in contact with a semblance of professional work ethic and formality.

More than that, it’s the many amenities and features that services like these have for the regular remote professional that makes them stick to that one particular service, like ZEMLAR Offices.

In this blog post, we’ll be delving into the best coworking and shared office space in Toronto that is bar none the best provider of these services and throws in extra amenities just to ensure that you as a remote professional have the best and most productive time of your life while in the premises.

Coworking Space Toronto
Coworking Space Toronto

But before we divulge the best coworking space in Toronto so that you may begin your supercharged work session full of creativity, let us first understand what makes a coworking and shared office space worthy of such a title. This is everything that elevates a run-of-the-mill coworking space into a dream destination for remote workers to utilize their potential at. 

What makes for the best coworking and shared office space?

Anyone can slap on the word ‘best’ before coworking and shared office space and call it a day, but to actually get to the top of the food chain and really make a difference in the productivity levels of remote professionals, services need to focus on these aspects of coworking and shared office space. 


By far the most important factor, especially when it comes to consumers. You see, for the remote worker or a professional working from a distance, it doesn’t much matter what the brick-and-mortar building around them is called. As long as it provides an environment conducive to working. And that conducive environment can be made better with amenities; lots of them. The better the amenities, the better your numbers will be, and the better the clientele will be when it comes to retention. 

Things like high-speed internet and ergonomic chairs are something that people take for granted; however, it’s the other things that count. Things like free parking, free hot and cold beverages, lunch or smoothie bar and other things that make working there both fun and practical. Throw in some other things that people like to have when working (vending machines with lots of snacks!) and suddenly, you will have for yourself a work destination, the ‘place to be’ for remote professionals looking for a fun, relaxed and yet professional environment that helps with both work and socialization. Amenities are by far the biggest deal-breaker when it comes to selecting the best coworking and shared office space in Toronto. 


People routinely mistake amenities and features as the same thing; interchangeable. However, there is a difference, quite a significant one. Whereas amenities may be more on the social or informal side (no conventional office has smoothie bars and vending machines that dispense chocolates and snacks), the features tend to be more oriented towards the professional or work-side of things. 

For instance, projectors, printing facilities, office spaces that have dedicated stationery, electronics and other articles necessary for a smooth-functioning office. Of the two, remote professionals looking for coworking spaces won’t be bothered with the features too much; it’s the shared office space that needs features that will put an office space on the map. Amenities help you fill the place with remote professionals if you have a more youthful and hip space; with features, you can have professionals in shared office spaces working in a humdrum. It’s another great factor that can help your space rank much higher. 


As one of the big three factors in determining whether or not you have a winner on your hands when it comes to coworking and shared office space, pricing is a factor that many people feel very strongly about, and this factor alone influences much of the decision-making process for selecting a shared office space or coworking space.

 Services that charge more for standard features and amenities aren’t looked upon very favourably. On the other hand, services that find and strike the perfect balance between pricing and features and amenities tend to get the most volume in terms of customers. Obviously, pricing plays an important role, and as such, is one of the major factors in knowing whether a place is good or is simply expensive for the sake of being expensive. 

Which coworking and shared office spaces are the best in Toronto?

Based on the three major factors in determining whether or not a coworking and shared office space is good, here are the best office spaces in Toronto, ranked. 

ZEMLAR coworking space

The finest, and the absolute best of what a coworking space is and can provide for you. ZEMLAR has an extensive presence in the greater Toronto area (GTA) and has many options for you to consider. Their coworking spaces, and office spaces are incredibly well-appointed, filled to the brim with features and amenities that other coworking spaces just don’t have. ZEMLAR also boasts extensive customization options, so that your coworking office space looks like a dream and feels like home. 

Zemlar offices

What’s more, ZEMLAR does not have any hidden charges at all: what you get is what you pay for, and that is what makes this the best coworking space that you can get. ZEMLAR is number one in coworking spaces because their coworking office space finds the perfect balance between work and a socialising environment. 


WeWork is the international franchise of coworking spaces that follows a specific design style and policies throughout their coworking spaces. They also have an extensive presence in Canada, and their coworking office space and rented office space is also very impressive and geared towards professionals looking to step away from the hustle bustle of a regular office to experience something more unconventional.

 They have good packages that fit in nicely with a lot of freelancers and remote workers, and they also have a bevy of features and amenities that make working at WeWork a good experience. However, their prices can be a little too high for starters in the market, which is why WeWork comes in at the number two spot. 

Project Spaces

Project Spaces is a hip and trendy coworking space, in an industry where hip and trendy are bywords to keep in mind. Project Spaces prides itself on being affordable, and it has been ranked consistently as one of the more better-priced options on the list. 

They have keyless access and while some coworking spaces might close for the evening, Project Spaces is available 24/7 and it has its own on-site security, which makes long hours here safe and secure. Furthermore, what really sells this particular coworking office space is the all-you-can-drink tea and coffee; people usually flock to the Project Spaces because they have good coffee and tea on tap, and there’s really no limit on how much you can get. 

Why go with ZEMLAR Offices?

There is a reason why ZEMLAR ranks number one on the list of coworking spaces and renting office spaces; it strikes the perfect balance between a coworking space that allows for focused working without too much socialising. It provides an excellent mix of both amenities and resources, like IT teams and on-site managers to help work issues out. 

Furthermore, with ZEMLAR, you have the option of customising your required package. If the coworking space or private office isn’t to your liking, ZEMLAR will make it so that you feel right at home when working in their office spaces. Providing 24/7, round-the-clock access and security, with their coworking spaces, your creativity and effort will know no bounds at all. Simply register, pick up your choice from the many listed on their website and get going: ZEMLAR even has a ‘no hidden fee’ policy that ensures that what you get is what you pay for, nothing more and nothing less.

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