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Best Co-working Spaces in Canada

Gone are the days when people used to rush to their offices for a 9 a.m. meeting. Now more than ever, especially with the rise of remote work after the COVID outbreak, freelancers and other startups need a quiet place to concentrate on their company’s progress. Because of this, there is a growing trend for shared offices and co-working spaces in Canada, home to a diverse population. With this increase in trend, you can find numerous co-working spaces nationwide. But which ones are the best?


This blog post will tell you about the best co-working spaces in Canada so you can save yourself from the hassle of searching for the right one. 

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Top 10 Co-working Spaces in Canada:

The top 10 co-working spaces in Canada are mentioned below.

1. Zemlar Offices:

The top of the list and pinnacle of what a shared office space should look like. Here at Zemlar, you have many dream options to choose from. Offices, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces at Zemlar are genuinely second to none, with first-rate furnishings and many best-rated services that make them stand out in the market. 


At Zemlar, you may make your shared office space seem like a dream and feel like home. Their many personalization options will take your shared office experience to a new level. Not just this, Zemlar takes pride in not charging any hidden fees. At Zemlar’s co-working office space, you can ideally balance between a work-focused environment and a relaxation retreat, making it Canada’s most popular co-working space.

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2. WeWork Canada:

WeWork Canada is a significant player in the co-working offices industry. WeWork offers various options, such as private offices, collaborative spaces, and open areas where employees may work without peer interruptions. Multiple areas look like living rooms, so employees can unwind at their own speed and relax while working. Meeting spaces and community events are also available. However, with all this, WeWork might cost you more than other choices.

3. CollabSpace:

The next stop is CollabSpace, an Ottawa-based company that allows professionals to expand their business. Indeed, this membership club offers programs that mentors and business educators facilitate with these events. Hundreds of members can learn from other people’s expertise and practical business experiences. 


CollabSpace exemplifies the ideal co-working environment for any hardworking entrepreneur.

4. Verkspace:

The crew at VerkSpace is dedicated to giving the employees an unforgettable working experience by offering them several spaces to motivate people to be productive. You may find the ideal co-working space solution for your temporary office needs with Verkspace, whether for days or months.


Verkspace offers cafes and refreshments, perfect for making the most of your work hours. You must visit once to get a feel for the space and determine if it is worth the price.

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5. iQ Office Suites:

iQ Office Suites offers a business address available to you without costing a leg and an arm or commitment of a long-term lease. It’s a great spot to complete your company’s chores while hanging out with other entrepreneurs. That said, iQ Offices does its best to facilitate community life and inspire user teamwork.

6. La’Atelier Vancouver:

Without a second thought, L’Atelier Vancouver is among the best co-working spaces in Canada. For people and small company owners, they offer a space that is cost-effective, inspiring, and appealing to the eye. The ultimate goal of this co-working space is to facilitate client ideas and offer solutions accordingly.

7. Fabrik8:

If you want to take your creativity, productivity, and company performance to the next level, Fabrik8, based in Montreal, is the place for you. This coworking space focuses on providing cooperation between businesses. The shared spaces at Fabrik8 facilitate communication and collaboration among employees.

8. Ecto:

ECTO runs a shared office right in the middle of Mont-Royal. Freelancers, business people, startups, and self-employed individuals can grow professionally and personally in this space because of the unmatched services offered.

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9. Project Space:

Located in Toronto, Project Spaces is part of an expanding network of co-working spaces great for incredibly remote employees. In addition, they offer various services, a dynamic community to strive in, and a beautiful layout that attracts individuals.

10. Office 146:

Based in Toronto, this pleasant co-working space is the perfect place to get your work done effectively. Here, you may meet other people with similar interests and work alongside them to get the most. The community managers and members will warmly welcome you and serve you first-rate hospitality like matches like no other. 

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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Co-working Space in Canada:

Some factors to consider in choosing the best co-working space in Canada are;

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Facilities
  • Community Life
  • Layout and Design
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Ratings
  • Extra Perks

Stop Worrying About Co-working Spaces in Canada for Rent When You Have Zemlar:

Many professionals and freelancers nowadays don’t want to be tied down to a 9 to 5 office schedule and instead opt for remote work or starting their own small-based companies. They require office spaces that are tailored to their specific needs. For such a requirement, individuals can opt for various services offered by the co-working spaces in Canada, including shared desks, private offices, executive suites, meeting rooms, and even headquarters solutions.

Now, if you are one of these individuals looking for a company that offers top-notch co-working spaces, your only best bet is Zemlar Offices. We take pride in providing the best co-working spaces in Canada. Our Offices are constructed with state-of-the-art technology, and we offer the best services and amenities like none other. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of a co-working space?

The flexibility to work, low overhead costs, the latest tech solutions, and the ability to connect with employees are just a few benefits of co-working spaces. Companies can benefit from a productive environment, resources, and the flexibility to meet their evolving office need by choosing a co-working space near them.


How can I find the best co-working spaces in Canada?

Location, facilities, and affordability are the most important things to consider when choosing a co-working space. Find several co-working spaces in the city you’re interested in, check out their Google ratings, and look around to see if they are worth the hype. You can also ask people for reviews or get a trial membership before committing to a long-term contract with a co-working space.


Do co-working spaces offer great technology and amenities?

Yes, most co-working spaces have all the necessary modern tools and tech. Not only this, but many co-working spaces include Information Technology assistance, so employees never have to worry about technical problems while they work. To maximize your productivity and performance, co-working spaces have tech-savvy environments meant to boost productivity.

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