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7 Best Coworking Spaces in Mississauga

Coworking Spaces in Mississauga

Coworking Spaces are on the upswing, and Mississauga offers an active market with various options. These are hubs of productivity, collaboration, and community, not your run-of-the-mill offices.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for an ideal launchpad or someone who needs temporary office space to break up your monotonous routine, a variety of coworking Spaces in Mississauga offer one-stop-shop for your office needs.  

Coworking Space 4

With so many options available, finding the right coworking spaces in Mississauga for rent is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we are here to help you. We researched, scrutinized the options, and chose the top 7 coworking spaces in Mississauga.

Let’s Start with parameters you should consider while choosing your new workplace oasis.

How to the Best Choose Coworking Spaces in Mississauga?

If you’re on the road to finding your ideal coworking space in Mississauga, let’s review the processes to help you make the right decision. It’s all about choosing the workspace that perfectly meets your requirements.

1. Research Online

The digital realm should be your first stop on a coworking journey. Go through prominent websites. These internet platforms have information providing insights into diverse venues. Look at what facilities they provide, pricing structures, and what other users say about them in their evaluations.

2. Location 

When it comes to choosing your coworking space, location is everything. Consider what is most convenient for you.

  • Is it close to your house, reducing your commuting time? 
  • Is it close to other important locations, such as customers’ offices or your favorite lunch place? 

Make sure that the place fits well.

3. Amenities 

Before making a choice, make a list of your must-haves. Do you need lightning-fast internet to power your projects? You may thrive in situations that provide well-equipped conference rooms for critical brainstorming sessions. Consider printing and scanning services and access to exciting events and networking opportunities.

4. Pricing 

Analyze the pricing plans provided by various coworking spaces in Mississauga. Some companies offer day passes or monthly memberships to accommodate flexible work schedules. Determine your budget and how frequently you plan to utilize the space.

5. Additional Services

A coworking space is more than just a desk and a chair; it’s a platform for collaboration. Look for the additional advantages and benefits that specific locations provide. Are there any networking classes, events, or opportunities? 

Being a part of a thriving community can enhance your professional experience and provide doors to innovation.

6. Customization 

After shortlisting a place, give it a visit. Being physically present will provide you with an idea of your surroundings. Is it a good fit for your personality? Are your surroundings inspiring you to be creative? Seeing it in person may assist you in determining whether it is a suitable match.

7. Customer Reviews

Even in the digital age, word of mouth is quite powerful. Check coworker ratings and remarks before making a decision. Their experiences can provide important insights and help you make an informed decision.

8. Try Before Finalizing 

Some coworking spaces provide free trial memberships or days. Take advantage of these deals to get a feel for the market before making a long-term commitment. It’s similar to test-driving a car; you want to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

You’re on track to finding the perfect coworking space in Mississauga. We’ve picked the top 7 options you can count on

Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Mississauga for Rent


Location:  6733 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 6J5, Canada

Services Provided: Private Office, Virtual Office, Meeting rooms, Day Offices

A gem that stands out in the crowded world of coworking spaces is ZEMLAR. Step inside, and you’ll instantly see why it’s popular among Mississauga professionals. Zemlar adds a unique and enticing touch to the coworking experience, making each day at work feel like a step closer to success.

Zemlar Offices

The ability to customize Zemlar Offices is one of its greatest strengths. You’re not simply hiring a desk here; you’re creating your dream workstation.

Moreover, you can achieve all of this without the commitment of a long-term lease, providing you the flexibility that modern professionals want.

The interior design of ZEMLAR has been thoughtfully selected to encourage creativity and productivity. You’ll be immersed in a setting created to inspire the minute you walk in. Zemlar provides fully-furnished office spaces that are as pleasant as they are helpful.

But What Makes ZEMLAR Different?

Zemlar Offices’ expansive range of services truly distinguishes it as one of the top coworking spaces in Mississauga. Your job task is not only facilitated but also boosted here. 

Consider having access to high-speed internet that keeps you connected and productive. Consider a workstation with a giant screen TV, significant for presentations and collaborative work.

The top-notch Convenience factor makes ZEMLAR a feasible option for Coworking spaces in Mississauga for Rent.

Pricing : 

Their virtual office cost begins at $30 a month. 

They have several packages to fulfill your needs, whether you need a private office or a conference space

Contact the Support team for a tailored quotation.

2. Spacebar Coworking Spaces in Mississauga for Rent

Location: 6725 Millcreek Dr. Unit 1&2, Mississauga, ON L5N 5V3, Canada

Services Provided: Coworking spaces, Virtual Office, Private Office, Meeting rooms

Spacebar Coworking should be the top priority if you value freedom and avoid long-term lease commitments that can limit your choices. 

This coworking space’s modern décor quickly captivates you along with a collaborative environment.

Spacebar Coworking space

Spacebar believes a sense of community is crucial for cultivating a good work atmosphere. The collaborative attitude and the tranquility of the area produce an experience that is difficult to neglect. It’s the ideal place for thinking and returning to your job with renewed enthusiasm. 

This Coworking space in Mississauga provides conference spaces and day offices when you need extra solitude. You won’t have to worry about transportation because they provide accessible parking.

And Not to mention the vital component of modern work: high-speed internet.

Spacebar Coworking offers much more than a physical workspace; it provides a whole experience. You can attend their events and seminars, which are great places to learn and expand your network. The community here is a dynamic force that intrigues you.


You can be a full-time member for $210 per month, a night-time member for $165 per month, or a desk member for $350 per month.

Private and virtual offices start at $900 and $35 per month if you need additional privacy.

 A conference room can be reserved for $45 per hour, or a day ticket can be purchased for $35 per day.

3. Whitehall Offices 

Location: 100-4310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4C4, Canada

Service Provided: Virtual Offices, Shared Offices, Furnished Offices, Executive Meeting rooms

Whitehall Offices is a complete ecosystem designed to suit your company’s needs. Whether you’re just starting or expanding an existing business, Whitehall provides a wide range of services. That can assist you with day-to-day operations and accelerate your path to success.

White Hall Office Space

This Coworking space’s modern but welcoming atmosphere in Mississauga will urge you to return for more. This space exudes professionalism from every angle, making it ideal for client meetings and presentations.

Whitehall Offices handles little details to make your job easier. Enjoy complimentary tea and coffee, 24-hour security, and unrivaled front desk help to assist with any questions or issues.

Furthermore, Maintain a good work-life balance by socializing with coworkers in large business lounges or using cafeteria facilities. Daily cleaning services keep your workplace spotless while shredding parcel delivery. The whole environment of this Mississauga coworking space will inspire you.


The pricing structure is quite flexible. Phone and shredding services are offered at an extra price, with monthly rates beginning at $30 and $10, respectively. 

Select between shared spaces, virtual offices, private offices, or coworking spaces to meet your needs. Contact them directly for further pricing information.

4. MindShare Coworking Space in Mississauga 

Location: 5100 Erin Mills Pkwy Suite I3, Mississauga, ON L5M 4Z5, Canada

Service Provided: Virtual Offices, Drop-in, Private Desk, Private Suite

The central agenda of MindShare is to Live, Work, and Play. This has been the key to success for many of our members’ businesses. 

It’s a genuine, one-of-a-kind, award-winning environment meant to bring out the best in you.

Consider working in a coworking space among web designers, developers, tech entrepreneurs, analytical experts, and pharmaceutical professionals. 

Mind Share Coworking Space in Mississauga

The diversity of the workplace guarantees that you will never be bored and that you will always find motivation around you.

This is where education and employment collide, encouraging innovation and creativity. Be a part of something extraordinary by working at Mississauga’s first mall-cum-coworking facility.

MindShare Workspaces offers several services. To enhance your work experience, everything from superb coffee, tea, and filtered water to restful lounge spaces is accessible. Office cleaning, enough free parking, and concierge services simplify your job. Aside from the basics, they provide weekly social, educational, and technological activities to help you quickly assimilate into the Mississauga workplace culture. 

A game of foosball adds some excitement to your job when it’s time to unwind.


MindShare Workspaces’ pricing is intended to accommodate a wide range of preferences. Private offices, dedicated desks, drop-ins, and virtual offices each cost $699, $399, $299, and $199 per month. You can also reserve a podcast studio and boardroom for $39.99 per hour.

5. Future Offices Coworking Mississauga

Location: 1450 Meyerside Dr #200, Mississauga, ON L5T 2N5, Canada

Services Provided: Virtual Office, Executive Office, Shared Office, Coworking Spaces, Meeting Rooms

Future Offices should be your choice if you’re looking for a coworking space that supports your business and provides a supportive community. Here, you’ll find a harmonic combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and a workforce eager to drive you to success.

19 Best Co Working Spaces in Sydney Your Desk

Future Offices’ environment encourages productivity and collaboration. The team’s encouraging assistance keeps you on track. It can provide you with the service required to succeed in your ambitions. The fully equipped and tastefully decorated facility will alter your perception of coworking spaces.

Future Offices – A coworking space in Mississauga for rent provides all you require and more. 

You can access a TV projection, a flip chart, and a high-speed internet connection to keep your task running smoothly. Aside from the basics, you’ll enjoy complimentary visitor parking and a business location that validates your organization.


Future Offices provides a variety of choices to meet your specific requirements. Virtual offices, coworking spaces, shared offices, executive offices, and memberships are all available at affordable monthly fees. Prices for

  • Virtual offices begin at $35

  • coworking spaces at $299
  • shared offices at $499
  • Executive offices at $699
  •  Membership at $99 per month

6. Intelligent Office – Mississauga Coworking Space


77 City Centre Dr, Suite 501, Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5, Canada

2680 Matheson Blvd E #102, Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5, Canada

Services Provided: Dedicated office space, Hourly Offices & meeting rooms, Executive Assistants, Virtual Business Address.

As we mentioned earlier, location is everything. Intelligent Office will teach you the true meaning of Convenience. You’ll never have to worry about transportation because it’s in a great location.

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 Your commute to work will be stress-free, enabling you to concentrate on your most important work.

Speaking of space and the environment, the Intelligent Office has been thoughtfully created considering your wants and needs. You can count on the fact that every element has been designed to improve your work experience. It’s more than simply a workplace; it’s a chance to rediscover the true meaning of coworking.

This coworking space in Mississauga stands out in the city for its aura. What distinguishes it? Let’s look at the factors that make this space unique.

Do you require notary and witness services for critical document signings? They’ve got your back. The premium address adds excellent value to your company’s visibility. Furnished offices give the necessary comfort and professionalism. Having access to receptionists provides a smooth experience. If you need printing services, the business center can help. 

Intelligent Office  Mississauga is where you drop the concept of liking traditional office space. Coworking takes on a whole new meaning in this context. It’s about welcoming the future of work, where flexibility and quality coexist. 


Intelligent Office provides a variety of plans, such as office spaces, conference rooms, virtual addresses, phone answering services, and virtual support. 

Contact them directly through their website or by phone for a tailored quotation. 

7. Venture X – Heartland

Location: 600 Matheson Blvd W Unit 5, Mississauga, ON L5R 4C1, Canada

Services Provided: Private Office, Dedicated Offices, Open Desk, Virtual Office

Venture X is a worldwide coworking organization making waves in Mississauga. Here are some of the things that make this coworking space unique:

Design is more than just an aesthetic at Venture X; it is a way of life. Its clean, modern, and stylish work environment sets it apart. This site welcomes everyone, whether you’re a small team or a large organization, and provides a work environment that exudes professionalism and ingenuity.

Venture X

One of Venture X’s features is its capacity to communicate with like-minded people. You can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate with people. Aside from desk sharing, this coworking space provides a sense of community.

 Do you require privacy for an important phone call? Make use of the phone booths. Unlimited coffee and tea are also provided when you need a pick-me-up. Stay connected with fast and dependable internet. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about cleaning because the services offered here are excellent.

Venture X goes above and beyond with its services. Enjoy free parking, a ground-floor entry for convenient access, fine furnishings that add a touch of class, and mail services that keep you in contact with the outside world.


Venture X provides numerous price choices to determine the best match for your needs.

 Open desks start at $325

 private offices start at $850

dedicated workstations start at $525

 Virtual offices start at $55

 Community memberships start at $60. 

Do you require a conference space for your business meetings? It’s only $40 an hour.

What’s the Best Coworking Space in Mississauga For You?

You’ve now discovered some of the top coworking spaces in Mississauga for rent. Each has its features, making the choice a delightful challenge. But don’t worry,finding your ideal workspace is entirely within reach.

Start by gaining clarity on what precisely you’re looking for. What are your must-haves? What are your deal-breakers? The decision becomes much less daunting when you clearly understand your workspace needs.

If you still can’t choose a suitable coworking space, consider narrowing down your requirements and cross-checking them with the available spaces. Match your needs with what each coworking space offers, and the one that aligns ideally becomes your new office address.


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