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5 Tips To Make Your Office Move Seamless

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Moving your office might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t wait until the last minute before finding a new space; start looking as soon as possible so there is enough time between when things need cleared out and any other necessary work. This will give everyone some notice about what they’ll need in order to relocate properly without creating extra stress on top of everything else moving related tasks bring up. 


There are many ways you can make this process easier for yourself and your employees by following these 5 practices:

1) Choose the right movers


To save time and money, it’s important to find the right movers. For an office move with several thousand dollars worth of supplies being transported from one place to the other – the last thing you want is poorly skilled movers who don’t know what they’re doing! It’s also important to explore available packages and determine the amount of help your company will be needing. A white glove move is the perfect way to make your office transition seamless. Your belongings will be moved in style with pictures taken of every corner, custom crates made for any sensitive equipment that needs protection before the move! You will also have an expert team handling everything so that it all goes smoothly.


2) Communicate with your employees


The best way to make a smooth transition from one place of work to the other is by ensuring all your employees feel welcome in their new surroundings. To do this, you should communicate with them about what’s happening throughout the process and offer as much support as possible during a time that can often get too stressful. You can also show care by giving them access to how best to approach an office move- keeping the door open for conversation makes this process go more smoothly!


3) Establish your budget and purchasing process


The key to a successful move is planning. You should start by getting an accurate picture of the budget and making sure you have all the necessary approvals from your company leaders for any purchases or contracts. For example, using their card if they offer one so it can be processed through payroll automatically without additional steps. 


4) Set up utilities and installations 


You should book all the necessary new office installations, renovations and utility services before you move your whole team in. This will help ensure that internet access or phone lines are up-and running from day one so they can get the job done right away even if the time comes for them to work remotely after their relocation! 


Your IT department should be the first to move into the new office so they have ample time and experience installing technologies. This is so that any problems from outdated equipment or software are ironed out before other departments’ employees set up their workstations. This will help safeguard office productivity by getting you up and running faster!


5) Co-working Spaces


Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular with professionals who need space to work but don’t want the hassles of an office. These shared environments come equipped with features that make moving easier, including Internet access and hydro utilities included in your membership price! 


With spaces as large and diverse in style, you can also be sure they will fit 1-100 people with plenty of room left over! These workspaces also come with various amenities such as private conference rooms and podcast studios for members who want to create relaxing environments in which they may inspire one another while getting some fresh air outside of office hours too!

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