The Advantageous Reality of your Virtual Office at ZEMLAR OFFICES

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4 Reasons to Choose ZEMLAR OFFICES for your Virtual Office Needs

The flexible virtual office options offered by ZEMLAR OFFICES will provide you with solutions catered to your specific business requirement. With ZEMLAR OFFICES’ basic virtual office plan that starts at just $30 a month, your new office address has never been more accessible.

So why should you seriously consider purchasing a ZEMLAR Virtual Office plan? Here are 4 compelling reasons:

  1. Reduce your Monthly Rental Costs:

Conventional physical office rentals bring with them fixed and variable costs that certain businesses do not require. Especially businesses that do not necessitate a massive office space or to be physically present at one’s office all the time. Think about a carpenter, a certified translator, a graphic designer, a private tutor, a piano teacher and so on. These professionals, amongst many others, do not require the use of an office space with all its expenses. ZEMLAR Virtual Offices could be just enough to run their business with an address different to that of their own house and without incurring unnecessary amounts of expenses on a monthly basis.

  1. Reduce your Human Resources Costs:

With as low as $99 a month, ZEMLAR Virtual Office “Standard Package” offers your business a phone answering and connecting service. This means that your customers will call ZEMLAR OFFICES’ location, get answered by our receptionist and transferred to your mobile. Providing your customers with a professional customer service experience that they expect without incurring costs associated with hiring a phone operator. In addition, ZEMLAR OFFICES receptionists will handle your incoming and outgoing mail at no extra costs.

  1. Impress your Customers:

The benefits go beyond financial when you join ZEMLAR OFFICES Virtual Office programs. Living in a world where people look your business up on Google; reading reviews, checking location and accessing your phone number and website are all reasons to upscale your credibility. Having a company address on Google that is commercial instead of residential makes your value proposition more believable, credible and promising. Moreover, if you subscribe to our “Premium Package”, you are welcome to invite your customers for meetings at one of our state-of-the-art board rooms that are IT-enabled and fully connected. Your customers will be greeted by our receptionists and accompanied to the meeting room you have booked.

  1. Services for your Convenience:

ZEMLAR OFFICES physical locations’ printing, copying and scanning services are available for our Standard and Premium Package customers. At a reasonable cost, you are welcome to use our facilities for your paperwork needs during business hours. This is a value-added service that ZEMLAR OFFICES has included in certain packages to cater for a growing demand by our customers.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us on +1 833 ZEMLAR 7 or visit Our team of associates will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.