Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Employee

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The success of an organization can be determined by making the right picks at the recruitment stage. As an enterprise that provides workspace solutions to over hundreds of businesses, Zemlar Offices has acknowledged how important it is to hire the right employees for their company.

To ensure successful recruitment, you must create a job description, advertise the role, sift through the CV’s, and manage the application process. Once applicants get selected, they need to go through an induction program to ensure they settle in and become assets of the company.
However, with time and money constraints, it can be challenging to find the most suitable employees. Here’s a list of the five top things that Zemlar Offices looks into when hiring an employee.

1. Takes ownership
It would help if you looked to employ someone with an entrepreneurial mindset that thinks like a business owner. If they are responsible and take ownership of their work, it will free up time for management, as they will have peace of mind that the recruit is accountable for their timelines.

2. Exceptional soft skills
On the job technical training can be provided but possessing excellent communication, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills are in-built traits. So it’s essential to carry out a soft skills assessment to evaluate qualities such as decision making, work ethic, and interpersonal behavior.

3. Positive attitude
A positive attitude is one of the most important attributes that a potential candidate can be considered for over other skills. If they are optimistic individuals that recognize opportunities, then during lean times, you can count on them to step up to the plate and deliver.

4. Cultural fit
An exemplary employee should be able to gel into the unique culture of the firm. Sometimes you find great candidates, but they have a different personality than that of the organization. So it’s crucial to hire someone adaptable that can imbibe the values of the company.

5. Promotion-focused
It would be best if you looked to hire someone that thinks beyond a paycheck and has the ambition to grow within the organization. The more considerable efforts they put into succeeding, the more chance they will have in achieving their long-term career goals, which is beneficial for the individual and the business. Promoting from within will inspire other team members to work hard and reduce labor turnover, which will in turn, lower human resource costs.

If you’re seeking to attract the best employees who can make a mark, you also need to provide excellent working conditions. Therefore, if you’re looking for co-working office spaces and private offices, reach out to Zemlar Offices.

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